April 2021

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Greetings from the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Chihuahua. Thank you once again for your faithful prayers and support. Also, thank you for praying for my health. I am thankful that my health is improving, and I should be back to full strength soon. I received the following reports from Pastor Martinez and from our missions.

Church Updates

God is blessing us greatly with souls being saved. Christians are faithfully serving the Lord in witnessing. Last month, the federal government closed all churches and prohibited public gatherings due to another COVID outbreak. Many people in our community were sick, including those that live at the Complex.
Forest services are the principal source of work for people in the nearby mountainous area. Due to the pandemic, they have not been able to go into the area to cut wood. Some have left Bocoyna to find work in larger cities. Pray that this problem will be solved soon so that people can return home and resume their normal lives.

La Junta Mission

Many children attended church services on Children’s Day. They handed out treats to the children and they heard a lesson from God’s Word.

Natahuachi Mission

God is blessing the mission. One man was saved, and a 12-year-old boy was baptized. Pray for Adriel’s wife, Jaqueline, who is recovering from COVID.

Panalachi Mission

We are thankful for a new Tarahumara family who has been faithfully attending services. Pray for their salvation. Also, pray for several young people that have been saved and baptized in the mission. Their parents are not saved and they will not let them attend church regularly. Also, pray that God will supply funds to buy material to fence the property.

Villa Juarez Mission

Brother Bonifacio and his family work with the Pima and Mayo Tribes. He is also in charge of the Kipor Baptist Mission, a 5-hour drive from Villa Juarez. Please pray for the members of this mission. They are without a national pastor right now. It is located in a very dangerous area. Please pray for the safety of Brother Bonifacio as he travels to visit the mission. Also pray for the people, for God’s protection, and that they will remain faithful to the Lord.

Answered Prayers

The following are some of the prayers God has answered recently:

  • We are thankful that baby Jocabed’s treatments on her feet are progressing well.
  • The county of Bocoyna decided to fix the unpaved road from the main highway to our complex. We have been praying about this for a long time.
  • Most of the people in our complex who were sick with COVID have recovered from their illness.
  • New people are attending church services

Prayer Requests

We are thankful for God’s protection and His blessings upon us during these challenging and uncertain times. There are still many people to be reached with the Gospel, so we persevere in His name. The following is a list of our current prayer requests:

  • Pray for the salvation of souls in the Grand Vision Baptist Church and its missions.
  • Pray that the Lord will lead in the opening of our Christian schools.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of those that have been saved.
  • Please continue to pray for my health.

We are deeply grateful to all of you that have stood behind us with your prayers and faithful support. Please continue to keep God’s work here in Mexico in your prayers.

Sincerely in Him,

Mrs. Joan Kahler
Missionary to Mexico

“….The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest,
that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” Luke 10:2

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