Our Ministries

We Have Three Ministries Who's Purpose is to Further God's Work


We have established churches in San Juanito and Cuauhtemoc, and missions in Kipor, Sonora and the nearby communities of La Junta, Natahuachi and Panalachi.

Christian Schools

More than 10,000 children have been educated in our Christian Schools. Over 80% of them have received Christ as their Lord and Savior. 60% of them have been baptized.

Bible Insitute

Our Bible Institute has trained hundreds of full-time workers who have dedicated their lives to serve the Lord full-time across Mexico and Abroad.

We welcome your financial contribution and spiritual support.

Servants of God

We have been blessed with many faithful servants to further God's word.
Mrs. Joan Kahler

Mrs. Joan Kahler


My husband, Louis, and I came to Mexico in 1961 as Missionaries. We have been in Bocoyna, Chihuahua for 30 years. We are working with many of the local indian tribes including the Tarahumara Indians. My husband went to be with the Lord in 2011. I have remained here, working with the Grand Vision Baptist Church and its workers.

Pastor Jose Martinez

Pastor Jose Martinez

Pastor & Director

I am thankful to the Lord for permitting me to serve Him for the last 40 years. His blessings have been abundant. I have been pastor of the Grand Vision Baptist Church since 2009. At present the Grand Vision Baptist Church has 5 missions. Two more were organized into local Independent Baptist Churches.

Bro. Adriel Martinez

Bro. Adriel Martinez

Director, Christian Schools

My work here at the Grand Vision Baptist Church is teaching, preaching, leading singing and church visitation.  I currently serve as the Director of our Christian Schools where I teach various classes. I am also a professor in the Bible Institute. My wife, Jackie, also works in the church and teaches in both schools.  We have two boys, Adrian and Santiago.

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October 2021

This October 2021 Newsletter contains an update from the Grand Vision Baptist Church, our missions, and our current prayer requests.