Servants of Christ

Carlos & Belem Madrugal

November 15, 2015 - “Belem and I came to Bocoyna 21 years ago to attend the Christian School in Bocoyna. At that time we intended to finish High School and return home but God had other plans for our lives. In 1999, during a service at the GVBC, God called both of us to serve Him full-time. We entered the Bible Institute right after graduating from High School. We attended the Bible Institute for four years, graduated and were married shortly thereafter.  Since then, we have been working as full-time workers here in the church and in our Christian School.  At present, I am the Director of the Middle School, I teach in the Bible Institute, I drive a bus route, I preach and I lead the singing in church.  My wife, Belem, teaches in our Middle and High School, teaches in the Bible Institute, is in charge of the Children’s Church, and has other responsibilities in the church.  We want to always be in God’s will and want to serve Him wherever He leads. Pray for us.”

Adriel & Jaqueline Martinez

December 15, 2015 - “I graduated from the Bible Institute in Bocoyna in 2011, and my wife graduated in 2013.  We are full-time workers here in Grand Vision Baptist Church. Brother Jose Martinez, pastor of the church, is my father.  I preach, lead singing in the church, serve as the Technical Director of the high school, teach in the Bible Institute and have other responsibilities in the ministries of the church.   Jaqueline is in charge of the nursery in the Grand Vision Baptist Church, sings in the choir and has other responsibilities in the church.  I have surrendered my life to serve the Lord as a pastor.  God has placed a burden in my heart to start a church in the southern part of Mexico, in the state of Vera Cruz.  We will be making an exploration trip to Xalapa, Veracruz in the spring.  It is a city of approximately 800,000 people. There are many Indian Tribes such as the Toltecas, Chichimecas, Náhuatl and others that we will probably be working with in the future.  Pray for us as we prepare to go to Xalapa, Veracruz.”

Ms. Noryama Bustillos Ochoa

March 15, 2015 - “My name is Norayma Bustillos Ochoa.  I am from Cahuisori, Chihuahua.  At the age of 12 I came to Bocoyna to study middle and high school.  While here, I was saved, baptized and surrendered my life to serve the Lord full-time and enter Bible School.  I graduated in 2011 and have been working full-time in the Grand Vision Baptist Church here in Bocoyna.  My work consists of teaching in Junior Church, middle and high school and in our Bible Institute.  I am also the Assistant Dean of Women for our Children’s Home.  I am happy to be a part of the work here and my prayer is that the Lord will use me to win many souls to Him.”

Mario and Angelica Zavala

May 15, 2015 - “I heard the Word of God preached for the first time in 1998 at the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna.  My wife and I were saved on February 24 of that year and we were later baptized.  The Lord had a plan for our lives, to serve Him.  We surrendered to His call and entered the Bible Institute.  After graduating we felt led by the Lord to take the Gospel to the Tarahumara Tribe in the small town of Panalachi.  One of the people there loaned us a log cabin in which to live and have services.  At first we were not very well accepted by the people.  They told us that we couldn’t stay and preach God’s Word! Other people that had tried to come there with a doctrine different from theirs were told to leave.  But God is great!  We have been there now for four years. The people have accepted us, souls are being saved, some baptized and we are reaching out to other communities nearby.   He has provided us with land, we built a house to live in and have services.  We are thankful for our family.  Three of our children, Brisa, Ana and Isaiah are studying in the Bible Institute in Bocoyna. Our younger children, Manuel and Abigail are going to school here in Panalachi and they help us here in the mission.  God is also blessing the new mission in Ocorochi.  I am training Brother Corpus to attend to the mission there. Pray for us as we endeavor to reach the Tarahumaras for Christ.”