2015 News Feed

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Sunday School Campaign

January 2015 - Pray for our annual February Sunday School Campaign, “Febrero, Mes del Amor” (February, month of Love).  Each Sunday in the month has a special message.  These include: Love for the Bible, Love for God, Love for your neighbor and Love for the Church.  We also celebrate our church anniversary during the month of February.

Christian Schools

January 2015 - All of the students of our Christian Schools are back and things are back to normal after the holidays.  Many of our Christian School students have not accepted the Lord as their savior.  Pray for all our students, but especially pray for those in need of salvation.

Bible Institute Update

January 2015 - The Bible Institute students continue their preparation to serve God in the ministry.  Pray especially for a mission project to visit the Pima, Mayo, Yaqui and Seri Tribes in the State of Sonora during the month of April.  The purpose of the trip is for the students to see the need to take the Gospel to these tribes.

Special Prayer Request

January 2015 - We have a very special prayer request for one of our faithful members.  Brother Hector Javier Chavez was diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled to begin his chemotherapy treatments this month.  Brother Hector and his family have always been faithful to the Lord in their attendance, tithes and offerings.  Each summer harvest they set aside part of the harvest and donate vegetables, corn and beans to the school kitchen.  Pray for the entire family, Hector, Manuela and daughter Marisol, that God may comfort them.

Missions Update

January 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  The mission in Panalachi had 17 first-time visitors and two saved in January.  The attendance is between 60 and 70 each Sunday.  They are thankful that God has supplied funds for the construction of an extension to build a kitchen and a new classroom onto the house.  Pray for Corpus and Rosita, a Tarahumara couple that works with Brother Mario and Angelica in the mission.  They provide help with the children that live with the missionaries and that attend the elementary school in Panalachi.  They are from communities far from there.  Also, pray for the new Christians, that they may be faithful and diligent.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Brother Bonifacio is rejoicing and grateful that God has supplied the funds for a van.  Thank you for helping with this project.  They continue with an average attendance between 70 and 80.  Pray for the Pima Tribe in Kipor, that God may touch their hearts.

EBEN-EZER BAPTIST MISSION:  The mission in La Junta is doing well. Their attendance is 25 and continues to grow.  Pray for their visitation program and that souls will be saved.

Church Update

January 2015 - The first Sunday of 2015 greeted us with a five-inch snowstorm that made transportation around our mountainous area difficult and at time treacherous.  The members that could come were faithful despite the storm.  Pastor Martinez preached messages of prayer and revival at the beginning of the year.  The members are growing spiritually and they are learning how to win souls for Christ.

Church Update

February 2015 - Greetings from the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico!  Once again we want to share with you the wonderful blessings received during the month of February.

The Lord blessed the “Mes del Amor” (Month of Love) Sunday school campaign held last month.  We had 48 first-time visitors, six people were saved, three came for baptism and many re-dedicated their lives to the Lord.  The themes for the four Sundays were, “Love the Bible”, “Love for God”, “Love your neighbor” and “Love the Church”.  Mrs. Elsa Torres Parra was awarded a large family Bible for bringing the most visitors.  The students in our Christian School had a Scripture memorization contest.  Nelly Guerra memorized 413 Bible verses related to love and received a Bible as her reward.

February Sunday School Campaign

February 2015 - The last Sunday of February was the 27th Anniversary of the Grand Vision Baptist Church.  There were 6 founding members present including Pastor Martinez, his wife Josefa, Rosa Garcia, Daniel Batres, Flora Arce and myself.  There were 450 people in attendance, 261 of them came from the routes in Bocoyna and the communities nearby.  The special speaker for our anniversary event was Brother Luis Raul Castellanos, Pastor of the Iglesia Bautista Horeb (Horeb Baptist Church) of Torreon, Coahuila.

God Answers our Prayers

February 2015 - In our last letter we mentioned a special prayer request for one of our faithful church members, Brother Hector Javier Chavez.  We are happy to report that we have seen the powerful hand of God work in his life.  He is better, and he began his chemotherapy treatment this week.  Also, we are thankful that God has supplied the funds to cover the expensive medical costs.  Please keep praying for him and his family.

Also, three weeks ago the wife of our missionary to the Tarahumara in Panalachi, Angelica, became seriously ill.  She had a reaction to a flu vaccine, so severe that the doctors didn’t think she would survive.  Hundreds of people prayed for her.  The medication that she needed is very expensive and costs about $350,000 pesos ($9,000 Dollars).  Praise the Lord for the way He answered our prayers and provided a means to pay for the treatment!  Angelica is home now and is recuperating.  All of the hospital bills have been paid thanks to many Christian friends and an organization in Chihuahua.  The doctors were amazed and realized it was a miracle from God.  They told Brother Mario that they didn’t believe in God like he did, but that it definitely was a miracle from God that she is alive today.

Thank you for praying for my health.  I have finished the treatment for Typhoid Fever, and I am feeling better.

Missions Update

February 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

EBEN-EZER BAPTIST MISSION:  Twenty people attended for the first time, and one person accepted Christ during our February Sunday school campaign.  Pray for the follow-up visitation for these new people.  Also God has supplied the funds to purchase a piece of land with a large warehouse.  It is near the house that we rent now for services.  We still have to pay for the installation of the floor, lights, drain and water.  Pray that God would supply the funds to remodel the storeroom to hold services.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  God continues to bless the work among the Pima Tribe in Kipor.  The van has been a great blessing. It has allowed us to bring more people to the services.  We are planning a baptismal service soon.  There were 12 people that were faithful each of the four Sundays in February.  Each one of them received a scriptural calendar.

Church Update

March 2015 - The month of March was full of blessings in Grand Vision Baptist Church.  Eight people accepted Christ as their Savior, thirteen students were baptized and the altars were filled with people bringing their burdens to the Lord and praying for their lost loved ones.  We are thankful for the members that are faithful to the services and for those that participate in other activities of the church – such as teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir and going on visitation.  This month David Villalobos and his wife Amalia, from one of the communities nearby, accepted Christ and are attending regularly.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

The Lord's Supper

March 2015 - We celebrated the Lord’s Supper on March 22nd.  People from the missions in Panalachi and La Junta were here and participated as well.  Brother Bonifacio was not able to come due to the long travel from the mountainous area.  In total there were 200 participants.  Click here to see the pictures.

Easter Break

March 2015 - The Bible School students left Friday before Easter Sunday for their Easter Vacation.  They return to their home church to help in the activities during these special days.

Missions Update

March 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA PANALACHI:  Brother Mario and his family are faithfully preaching and teaching the Gospel in the community of Panalachi where God has called them.  Angelica`s health is improving.  She is not completely back to normal and continues under doctor’s care.  Keep her in your prayers.  One person was saved in March.  Pray for those that have visited the mission but have not yet been saved.  Their special prayer request this month is to pray for an Evangelistic Campaign that they will have soon in order to reach more souls for Christ.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA KIPOR:  God is blessing Missionary Bonifacio and his family in the mission in Kipor, Sonora.  They have converted the missionary’s house that they were building into a church building.  The attendance has been good and 4 souls were saved in March.  Brother Bonifacio preaches in Spanish in the services, then gives time to Brother Ramon Bustillos (a Pima Indian) to bring a brief message in their language.  Pray for the salvation of the Pima Tribe.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta):  Brother Eber, his wife Victoria and Samuel Batres, a 4th year Bible School student, are doing a great work.  The mission is nearly one-year old.  Souls are being saved almost every Sunday and the new members are bringing visitors to the services.  We are praising the Lord that He has supplied the land to build a new building for the mission.  The land has a small warehouse that will be used temporarily to hold services.  Pastor Martinez and the Bible Institute men have been going to help get the building in order for a special service to be held on April 26th.  There is still a lot of work to be done.

Pray with us that God would provide us with the funding to complete the following improvements to the existing warehouse structure in order to hold services.  The total estimated cost to install windows and doors, restrooms, flooring and chars is about $3,100.

Church Update

April 2015 - Greetings from the Grand Vision Baptist Church located in the beautiful mountains of northwest Mexico!  We celebrated Easter on Sunday April 5th.  It is common for people in remote areas like ours to travel to the larger cities during the Easter holiday period.  In addition, our Christian School students return home for the holidays. Despite this, we had good attendance and also had some first-time visitors.  Pastor Jose Martinez preached on I Corinthians 15.  It was a great blessing to hear his sermon.  Two people were saved during the month of April, and two people made decisions for baptism.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Special Prayer Request

April 2015 - Three of our Bible School students and the parents of one of the students suffered a terrible automobile accident on April 2nd.  One of our third year students, Susy Jara Choriño, was severely injured and is still recuperating at home in Chihuahua.  She is supposed to graduate in May.  Please pray for her, that she will be able to attend her graduation ceremony on May 20th.

Special Missionary Speaker

April 2015 - Brother Everardo Andrade, Missionary to the Tepehuan Tribe in Acaponeta, Nayarit, visited us at the GVBC and was our special speaker for the Sunday service on April 19th.  Brother Everardo graduated from our Bible School 25 years ago.  He is doing a great work among the Tepehuan Tribe and it was a blessing to hear him preach and to see how the Lord has blessed him.  His wife Manuela was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment for the next two months.  Please pray for her, that she will recover fully.

Children's Day

April 2015 - We celebrated “Dia del Niño” (Children`s Day) in Grand Vision Baptist Church on April 26th.  About 100 were in attendance.  They had a variety of activities and a lesson from God`s Word.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

April 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta): The Eben-Ezer Baptist Mission in La Junta had a special service to celebrate their one year anniversary on Sunday, April the 26th.  Their goal was to have 100 people in attendance, and they went over their goal by 50 people!!  They also celebrated Children`s Day with 80 children in attendance.  Victoria, the pastor`s wife, held the children’s Sunday School class in the bus, and it was completely filled.  The choir and musical group from Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna sang and Pastor Martinez brought the message dedicating the new facilities to the Lord.  Pray for Eber, Victoria and Samuel.  They are enthused about the new work. Pray that God would use them to win many souls in La Junta and that a strong Fundamental Baptist Church will be built there.  Their greatest financial need right now is for funds to pour the concrete floor and for 50 more chairs.  Pray with us for these needs.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

KIPOR AND PANALACHI MISSIONS:  God continues to bless the missions in Kipor, Sonora and Panalachi, Chihuahua.  Sister Angelica`s health is improving.  Pray for protection for both families as they both work in dangerous areas.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Church Update

May 2015 - Greetings from Bocoyna, Chihuahua!  May is one of the busiest months of the year for us at the Grand Vision Baptist Church.  In Mexico, we celebrate Mother’s day on May 10th every year. This year it fell on a Sunday so our service was even more special.  Sixty mothers attended this special Sunday morning service, and one of the mothers accepted Christ as her Savior.  Three mothers were recognized during the service.  Mrs. Josefina Chavez Batista, a 74 year-old Tarahumara lady, was recognized as the “mas sabia” (wisest); Mrs. Reina Leticia Carrasco Cruz was recognized as the most faithful in attendance and Mrs. Josefina Ruiz brought eleven members of her family, and she was recognized for her efforts.  Each mother was presented with a beautiful painting and a Bible.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Piano Recital & Banquet

May 2015 - Twelve students of the Bible Institute and six teachers performed their piano recital on May 15th.  This is an important part of their preparation to serve the Lord, and it was a very special event for them.  Our piano teachers are Mrs. Josefa Martinez and Miss Rosa Garcia.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious banquet and a time of Christian fellowship afterwards. Click here to see the latest pictures.


May 2015 - Our graduation services were held May 18th through the 20th.  Twelve pastors and missionaries from different parts of Mexico attended the services.  Their messages were a great blessing to us all.  The Bible Institute graduation ceremony was Wednesday the 20th.  Six students graduated from our 4-year program as missionaries and two graduated from our 3rd year program, one from Theology and one from Christian Education. Click here to see the latest pictures.


May 2015 - Every year since the beginning of our Bible Institute, the students are graded in three categories; spiritual life, academics and physical education.  The “Copa Maxima” is awarded to the student with the highest combined score.  The first place winner this year was Susana Jara Choreño, the second place went to Lucio Hernandez Gonzalez and third place was awarded to Ana Ester Zavala Quiroz.  Pray for these graduates as they go to their respective places of service.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

May 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta):  In May three souls were saved and the members are growing spiritually.  The men of the mission are faithfully helping with the remodeling of the building.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Brother Bonifacio reports that 15 mothers attended the Mother’s Day service.  Each one received a small gift and flowers.  Pray for Brother Ramon, the national Pima Indian pastor, his family and especially for their youngest son that was born with a birth defect.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  Brother Mario Zavala reports that May was a very fruitful month.  The 3rd of May they celebrated Children’s Day with 35 children present and 30 adults.  The 10th was the special Mothers Day service.  Twenty-four mothers were present.  The biggest blessing of all was when Mrs. Olivia Bustillos Garcia accepted Christ as her savior.  Now, her husband and son are coming to the services with her.  Pray for their salvation.  This month they had four first-time visitors in the services.  Pray for this missionary family, Brother Mario Zavala and family that are doing great work for the Lord in Panalachi.

Church Update

June 2015 - Greetings from Bocoyna, Chihuahua!  We have much for which to be thankful for in the month of June.  Nine souls were saved and several made decisions to be baptized.  The members are bringing visitors every Sunday.  Thirty-eight fathers were present June 21st for the special Fathers Day Service and one was saved.  Thirty to forty men attend men’s meeting every two weeks.  The ladies also hold their biweekly meetings and have between twenty-five and thirty in attendance. Pray for the summer Sunday School campaign that began on July 5th.  The theme is faithfulness and is taken from Colossians 2:6,7.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

High School Graduation

June 2015 - We held our High School graduation on June 18th.  Eleven received their diplomas and honors for the 2014-15 school year.  We are especially proud of one young man – Angel Frias Cadena.  Angel came to study high school in 2012.  He was saved, baptized and surrendered his life to the Lord to serve Him full-time.  He has been attending Bible School along with his high school studies, and he will be entering the third year in the Bible Institute in September.  Pray for Angel, that God will use him greatly in the Lord’s service.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Special Offering

June 2015 - A very special thanks to Phyllis White for her offering to help buy pots and pans for the school kitchen.  We never cease to praise the Lord for the way He supplies our needs from day to day.  Like the Prophet Elijah, He keeps sending the ravens with bread and meat in the morning and evening to feed the 225 people that eat three meals a day, seven days a week.  Thank you for your offerings that help with the school expenses.  Pray for the students that are on summer vacation and are scheduled to return on August 15th.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Kipor Baptist Temple

June 2015 - Missionary Bonifacio reports progress in the discipleship classes on Bible doctrine.  Pray for the Pimas, that they will understand and follow the Lord in Baptism.  Also pray for Brother Bonifacio and family.  They are passing through a time of difficult trials, primarily with organized crime in the area.  Pastor Martinez recently visited the mission and gives testimony of how difficult and dangerous it is.  There are no police or government authorities in Kipor.  For this reason and for the protection of the family, Brother Bonifacio has decided to move to Cd. Obregon, a three-hour drive from Kipor.  He plans to work with the Pima tribe there and will still oversee the work in Kipor.  Pray for the Pima pastor, Ramon, and his family.  That the Lord may guide and bless him.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Eben-Ezer Baptist Temple (La Junta)

June 2015 - Five souls were saved this month in La Junta.  The members and those that attend are working hard to complete the new building.  They have finished building the platform, installed the new front door and are finalizing the floor.  They are in need of eight windows and 150 feet of material to fence the property.  Pray that God may provide the funds for these remaining items.

Panalachi Baptist Mission

June 2015 - We are thankful for God`s blessings and protection in the mission, and especially for Angelica’s health.  One person visited this month.  Although we have experienced many blessings, Satan is always working against us, attempting to destroy what God has built.  The local Tarahumara witchdoctor has been visiting the new converts and telling them that if they come to the services, he will cast spells on them.  Pray that the Christians will be “strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Church Update

July 2015 - We thank the Lord for your faithful payers and financial support for the work here in Bocoyna.  July was another wonderful month at the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico.  Our Sunday School campaign was based on Colossians 2:6-7, “Rooted and Built Up in Him.”  We had a total of 15 first-time visitors, four people were saved, and four came forward for baptism.  In addition, many Christians came forward to consecrate their life to the Lord.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Youth Camp 2015

July 2015 - The theme this year for our Youth Camp as “How Great Thou Art.”  We had a very successful youth camp again this year.   God answered our prayers and blessed us abundantly.  There were 143 youth camp attendees.  In addition, we had fourteen pastors and missionaries. We held sporting events daily, prepared special food, and God blessed us in a marvelous way. A total of three young people were saved, four came forward baptism, and six surrendered their lives for full-time service and will enter our Bible Institute.  Many more came forward for consecration.  Pray that God may lead them in their lives and that they hold steadfastly to His Word.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Middle School Graduation

July 2015 - We held our Middle School graduation on July 16th this year.  Twenty-five graduated this year. Most of them were Tarahumara Indians.  They came from towns and villages far away from here.  Some came from large cities like Chihuahua and Cuauhtémoc.  We thank the Lord for sending us these young people.  Many of them accept Christ as their Savior and are baptized during their time with us.  Some will be returning in September to continue their high school education. Pray that God may guide them during their summer vacation.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

July 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  The Lord is blessing the Zavala family as they work to win the Tarahumara Indians to Christ.  Pastor Martinez, his wife, some church members and I made a trip to Panalachi on a Sunday afternoon to attend a very special service.  In Mexico, when a young lady reaches 15, it is the custom to have a special birthday celebration called a “Quinceañera.”  Everyone in the town was invited to attend.  Brother Mario preached a message on the family and dedicated Abigail to the Lord. There were a lot of people there that had never been to church.  Pray for the Zavala family and especially the three of them that have surrendered their lives to the Lord.  Brisa, Ana and Isaias will be returning to our Bible Institute in September.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta):  Pastor Eber Martinez and his family have recently moved to La Junta to attend to the mission on a full-time basis.  God has provided a house near the mission for them to live.  The mission continues to grow.  In July four people were saved, and the members are faithfully inviting new people to the services. The average attendance is about 35.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Please pray for the mission, the Pima tribe and for pastor Ramon Bustillos and his family.   Missionary Brother Bonifacio and his family have completed their move to Ciudad Obregon to start a new mission with the Pima Indians.  Brother Bonifacio continues to supervise the mission in Kipor and visits there on a regular basis.

Church Update

August 2015 - Greetings once again from the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Chihuahua Mexico.  God blessed our church with three salvations and two baptisms during the month of August.  The Lord’s work continues to grow and we are making an impact among the native tribes.

Missions Conference - September 2015

August 2015 - We are holding our annual missions conference this month from the 24th through the 27th. The special speaker is Brother Marcos Minjarez, a pastor from the Huichol Tribe in Nayarit, Mexico.  He is a missionary sent from the Jesus es el Camino Baptist Church in Pochotitan, Nayarit, pastored by Pastor Ramon Vicente Lara. He works with the Cora Tribe.  In addition to a local mission, our church supports missionaries that work among seven Indian tribes.  Our goal is to add support for another missionary this year.

Back to School

August 2015 - August is always an exciting and wonderful month. This is our 26th consecutive school year, and we are always excited about the returning students. We really enjoy welcoming new students into our Christian school. This year we have 154 students enrolled in our Middle School and High School. Ninety percent of our students are from the Tarahumara Tribe. This year we have two students from the Guarijío Tribe. The rest are Mestizos from the surrounding communities.  Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

August 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  The Panalachi Baptist Mission is doing well.  They began a Sunday School Campaign; “The Truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32.  Eight people attended for the first time in August.  Pray for their fourth Anniversary service the 13 of this month and pray for Brother Mario Zavala and his family, that the Lord will continue to guide and bless them.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta):  The mission in La Junta, Chihuahua pastored by Pastor Eber Martinez, is moving forward and souls are being saved. Two were baptized last month. The members are faithful and inviting new people. The Lord has led them to start a new children’s home called  “Casa Hogar Eben-Ezer”.  God has provided the facilities, and they will be opening the doors to receive children soon.  Pray for pastor Eber that God will lead in this new effort to win children to the Lord.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Brother Ramon Bustillos from the Kipor Baptist Temple reports that two people were saved in August.  Pray for their mission conference being held in September.  Missionary Bonifacio and family in Obregon, Sonora are working with the Mayo and Pima Tribes now.  They are having services in the home of a Mayo family and four have been saved.  Brother Bonifacio suffered a terrible accident at the end of August.  He fell off of a 40-foot high structure while he was welding. He broke both legs and suffered internal injuries. He is home now recuperating but will not be able to walk for some time.  Pray for this missionary family in this time of trial.

Church Update

September 2015 - Greetings once again from the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Chihuahua Mexico.  We are praising the Lord for a very fruitful month in September.

Missions Conference

September 2015 - God blessed our Faith Promise Mission Conference!  The sermons preached by the special speakers, Brother Marcos Minjarez (Missionary to the Cora Tribe in Nayarit, Jalisco), Missionary Mario Zavala (Missionary in Panalachi) and Pastor Eber Martinez (Pastor of Eben-Ezer Baptist Mission in La Junta) brought challenging messages.  Eleven were saved, seven came for baptism and six surrendered for full-time service. Faith Promise pledges were taken during the last Sunday of the conference. The weekly pledge amount came to $4,000 Pesos, about $250.  Our church people are enthused about giving to missions. The church will begin supporting Brother Minjarez monthly. In addition, three new projects were presented to open new missions.  Brother Luis Carlos Saenz and his wife Candi feel led to go to La Cienega de Guacaybo, a Tarahumara community located about an hour’s drive from here.  Brother Adriel Martinez and his wife Jackie feel led to start a new mission next year in the state of Veracruz in southern Mexico. Brother Eleazar Martinez feels led to start a new mission in the community of Natahuachì, about an hour’s drive from here. Pray that God will supply the necessary funds to begin these new missions. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Special Donation

September 2015 - A very special thank you to our sending church, Tower Road Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM, for the donation of 30 computers for our Christian Schools. Our current computers were over 10 years old, and are no longer functioning so classes are taught without computers. This donation brings much needed equipment to our schools and, it will allow us to continue teaching our students the required courses. We appreciate all the hard work on the part of the members of the church to prepare and for bringing the computers to the border.  Thank you Pastor Jaramillo and the TRBC church body for your wonderful act of love.

Bible Institute

September 2015 - September began with the opening of the Bible Institute for the new school year.  Two new students came from Linda Vista Baptist Church in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, and one young lady came from the Grand Vision Baptist Church here in Bocoyna.  There are others that will be entering the institute in January.  We have a total of 14 students enrolled this year.  Pray for these young people that God has called as they prepare to serve Him. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

September 2015 - God is blessing our missions! Panalachi celebrated their fourth anniversary and the culmination of their Sunday School Campaign. They had over 100 people in attendance, two people were saved, three made decisions to be baptized and one young man surrendered his life to serve the Lord. Two people were saved in the Eben-Ezer Baptist Temple in La Junta during the month. Lastly, please continue to pray for Brother Bonifacio’s recovery from his recent accident. Other complications have set in, and he continues to experience difficulties. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Church Update

October 2015 - Many first-time students are enrolled in our Christian School every September. This year was no exception. From the first day, students begin hearing the Word of God. It is a blessing to see how they respond to the Gospel. Ten people received Christ as their Lord and Savior during the month of October, eight of them students from our school.  Of the seven people baptized this month, four were students.  Nine people surrendered their lives to serve the Lord full time., all of them were students from our Christian School.  In addition, we had 22 first-time visitors from the surrounding communities.  Many of them came through our bus routes. Continue to pray for the growth of our church. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

October 2015 - The work in La Junta continues to Grow. Pastor Eber Martinez and his wife Vickie are very dedicated to their work and God is blessing them abundantly. The October Sunday School Campaign  “Let your light shine for Christ” was a huge success. Five souls were saved, they had 25 first-time visitors and an average attendance of over fifty. The special speaker was Brother Bill Wall, Missionary to the Mennonite community in Rubio, Chihuahua. His message was well received by all.  Please continue to pray for this young mission, that God will continue to bless them and that the membership will continue to grow. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Worker Testimony - Carlos & Belem Madrugal

October 2015 - “Belem and I came to Bocoyna 21 years ago to attend the Christian School in Bocoyna. At that time we intended to finish High School and return home but God had other plans for our lives. In 1999, during a service at the GVBC, God called both of us to serve Him full-time. We entered the Bible Institute right after graduating from High School. We attended the Bible Institute for four years, graduated and were married shortly thereafter.  Since then, we have been working as full-time workers here in the church and in our Christian School.  At present, I am the Director of the Middle School, I teach in the Bible Institute, I drive a bus route, I preach and I lead the singing in church.  My wife, Belem, teaches in our Middle and High School, teaches in the Bible Institute, is in charge of the Children’s Church, and has other responsibilities in the church.  We want to always be in God’s will and want to serve Him wherever He leads. Pray for us.” Click here to see the latest pictures.

New Computers

October 2015 - We were blessed this month by the receipt of computers for our Christian School donated by Tower Road Baptist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We would like to thank Pastor Nathaniel Jaramillo and the church membership for all their hard work. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Bus Tires

October 2015 - We have also been praying that the Lord supply the funds to buy tires for one of the buses. He provided the necessary funds to purchase four of the six tires. Thank you to those that gave special offerings to cover this much-needed expense. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Church Update

November 2015 - The GVBC continues to flourish under the leadership of Pastor Martinez. Sixteen people were saved, fourteen of them students, and nine were baptized, all students, in November. We hold a special meeting for the ladies every-other week. Thirty-eight attended ladies meeting during the last Friday of the month.  One of our faithful ladies, Gary Rico, taught the lesson. A very special “Thank You” to Brother Gerald Wood and Brother Jim Parsons for their offering that gave us the remaining amount required to buy tires for one of the buses. Our bus driver, Brother Carlos Madrigal, is happy that they have new tires now, as the bad weather has already begun. This bus picks up people from a Tarahumara community on the other side of Creel. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Missions Update

November 2015 - The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBEN-EZER (La Junta):  I had the privilege of attending the services in our mission in La Junta during the last Sunday of November. We had an excellent service.  There were 55 people in attendance including one new visitor.  One person was saved during the invitation. The mission is growing and Pastor Eber Martinez and his family are doing a great job. Please continue to pray for them and the work in La Junta, that God may continue to bless them and keep them safe.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  The Mission Bautista Panalachi continues to grow.  Seventy people were in attendance during the last Sunday in November. The members are learning how to witness to others.  Brother Corpus, one of the first that was saved in the mission, witnessed to the Governor of the Tarahumara Tribe.  The Governor did not receive God`s Word very well, but pray for the Governor and for Brother Corpus as he continues to talk to him about the Lord. Also, pray for Brother Corpus` mother.  She attended the mission for the first time.  Brother Mario and Angelica are visiting a new community called Llewachi (in the photo). Pray for them as they take the Gospel to them.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Missionary Bonifacio`s health continues to improve.  He can now sit in a chair, but can`t walk yet.  Pray for him and his family.

Worker Testimony - Adriel & Jacqueline Martinez

November 2015 - “I graduated from the Bible Institute in Bocoyna in 2011, and my wife graduated in 2013.  We are full-time workers here in Grand Vision Baptist Church. Brother Jose Martinez, pastor of the church, is my father.  I preach, lead singing in the church, serve as the Technical Director of the high school, teach in the Bible Institute and have other responsibilities in the ministries of the church.   Jaqueline is in charge of the nursery in the Grand Vision Baptist Church, sings in the choir and has other responsibilities in the church.  I have surrendered my life to serve the Lord as a pastor.  God has placed a burden in my heart to start a church in the southern part of Mexico, in the state of Vera Cruz.  We will be making an exploration trip to Xalapa, Veracruz in the spring.  It is a city of approximately 800,000 people. There are many Indian Tribes such as the Toltecas, Chichimecas, Náhuatl and others that we will probably be working with in the future.  Pray for us as we prepare to go to Xalapa, Veracruz.” Click here to see the latest pictures.


November 2015 - November 20th is a historical date in Mexico. It is set aside to celebrate the Mexican Revolution. Each year, the city of Bocoyna holds a parade in honor of this holiday and they invite our Christian School to participate. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to participate this year. The 19th all students will be returning home for Christmas vacation.  Pray that they will be a testimony to their families and friends. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Church Update

December 2015 - We held our Church Christmas program this year on Sunday, December 20th.  We had about 200 people in attendance.  The young people from the Bible Institute presented a drama entitled “Dios Con Nosotros” (God is with us).  The church choir sang some beautiful songs and children from the Sunday School classes participated. Pastor Jose Martinez preached a wonderful sermon. Two people were saved during the service. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Christmas Celebration

December 2015 - We held our annual Christian School Christmas party on December 18th. This is always a memorable day for many of them. We were able to provide each child with a gift this year. Thank you to all of you that donated money or goods so that these children could have a memorable Christmas. Click here to see the latest pictures.

New Year Celebration

December 2015 - We held our annual New Years Eve celebration again this year and we had great attendance. Our members and visitors always look forward to this special celebration. We had a dinner and a special time of fellowship at 6:00 PM, then, Pastor Jose Martinez brought a challenging message about setting goals for 2016.  One lady was saved. Click here to see the latest pictures.

New Mission Update

December 2015 - God is blessing the new mission in Natahuachi. Brother Eleazar Martinez started the mission about two months ago along with some of our Bible School Students.  Natahuachi is located about 40km from Bocoyna. The roads there are very bad and are nearly impassible.

Nine people were saved in December.  They have all-day services every Thursday in the mission and visit other communities nearby. One man who has attended faithfully since the beginning has already donated land to put up a building.  Pray that God will supply the materials to build it. Click here to see the latest pictures.

Prayer Answered

December 2015 - Brother Bonifacio’s health is improving and he is recovering from his accident and he is now able to sit in a wheelchair.  He and his family had a service in the home of some of the Mayo Indian Tribe last December 18th.  He was able to preach to them and was truly thankful to the Lord.  Continue to pray for them.