2014 News Feed

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Church Update

January 2014 - The members of the Grand Vision Baptist Church are being faithful in witnessing and serving the Lord. Souls are being saved!  Two were baptized last Sunday and six were saved this month.  The average attendance in the Adult Sunday School Class is 120.  Most have been saved and about 80% have been baptized.  Pray for their growth in God`s Word.

February “Month of Love” Campaign

January 2014 - In February we always have our “Febrero, Mes del Amor”  (“February, Month of Love”) campaign.  Each Sunday has a special theme.  The church celebrates its 26th anniversary on the 23rd.  The campaign is about inviting new people to come, hear the Word of God and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

School is back in Session

January 2014 - We are thankful that all of the students in the Christian Schools, grades 7-12, have returned.  I teach the 10th Grade Young Ladies Sunday School Class and it was a blessing to hear that one girl won three members of her family to the Lord during the Christmas vacation.

Second semester classes started at the Bible Institute on January 7th.  Pray for the students as they continue their preparation.  Pray especially for Victor, a first year student.  Last week his father was killed in the City of Chihuahua. Pray that God would give him comfort and strength to continue in the Bible Institute.  Click here to see the pictures.

Bible Student Testimonies - Isaias Zavala Quiroz

January 2014 - “My name is Mario Isaìas Zavala Quiroz.  My father is Missionary Mario Zavala.   I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ and was baptized at an early age.  After finishing high school, I worked for a year helping my father as we began the new work in Panalachi, Chihuahua.  I helped with the construction of our house and with the services.  God began to work in my heart to surrender my life for full-time service while working with the Tarahumara people.  I saw the great need to take the Gospel to them. In September 2013 I enrolled in the Bible Institute in Bocoyna.  I am a first year student.  On weekends I return to Panalachi to help my father with the mission.  Pray for me as I prepare to serve Him.  I am not sure yet if He wants me to serve as a pastor, missionary or a Christian teacher.  I am sure He will show me His will for the future.  My favorite scripture is Isaiah 41:10, because in this verse I find strength to face difficult situations that come and to trust in the Lord completely.”  Click here to see his picture.

Bible Student Testimonies - Nallely Muñoz Hernàndez

January 2014 - “My name is Nallely Muñoz Hernàndez.  I am from the Igleasia Bautista Independiente El Divino Salvador  (Devine Savior Independent Baptist Church) in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila Mexico.  My father Rev. Francisco Javier Muñoz Martinez is our pastor.  I was saved on August 20, 1998, and I was baptized on October 2, 2005.  I surrendered my life to the Lord for full-time service in a graduation service at a Bible Institute on June 18, 2009.  Now I am a third year student in the Bible Institute in Bocoyna, Chihuahua.  I feel God has called me to be a missionary and after graduation next year, I trust the Lord that He will lead me to the place where He wants me to serve Him.  The Bible Institute has been a great blessing for me.  I especially enjoy studying the Life of Paul, and to see how God used him as a great missionary.  My favorite Bible verse is Acts 20:24.”  Click here to see her picture.

Missions Program

January 2014 - Our missions program is one of our top priorities.  Matthew 28:19 says; “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” We pray that God will lead us in sending new missionaries, not only to here in Mexico, but also to other parts of the world.  The Grand Vision Baptist Church supports 6 missionary families among the following tribes.  Pray for them.

  1. Brother Mario Zavala, Missionary to the Tarahumaras in Panalachi, Chihuahua.

  2. Brother Bonifacio Gonzales, Missionary to the Pimas in Kipor, Sonora

  3. Brother Ruben Gutierrez, Missionary to the Tepehuanes in Mezquital, Durango

  4. Brother Oswaldo Rubalcaba, Missionary to the Cora and Huichole Tribes in Ruiz, Nayaret

  5. Brother Sergio Vargas, Missionary to the Kiliwas in Baja California Norte

  6. Brother Everardo Andrade, Missionary to the Kiliwas Tribe in Baja California Norte.

Church Update

February 2014 - February was a month of many blessings!  We had our “Febrero, Mes de Amor” (February, Month of Love) Sunday School campaign again this year.  There were 150 first-time visitors that came during the 4 Sundays.  Sixteen were saved and 3 were baptized.  Mrs. Hortencia Gonzalez won first place by bringing 50 first-time visitors.  Pray for them, that we might win them to the Lord during our follow-up visits.  We also had a scripture memorization contest in the Sunday School during February.  Natividad Escobar, a young lady from the mountainous area of Urique, Chihuahua who attends our Christian Middle School, memorized 432 verses.

Among the activities in February, there was a banquet for married couples on February 14th.  Forty couples attended.  They played Bible games, had special music, Pastor Martinez brought a message and a delicious dinner was served.  It was a time of fellowship that everyone enjoyed very much.

The last Sunday in February was the 26th Anniversary of the Grand Vision Baptist Church.  The special speaker this year was Pastor Luis Raul Castellanos of the “Iglesia Bautista Horeb” (Horeb Baptist church) of Torreon, Coahuila.  Brother Castellanos brought challenging messages during the morning and evening services.  The auditorium was packed to capacity in the morning service and souls were saved.  Many came forward to consecrate their lives to the Lord during the evening service.  Click here to see the pictures.

San Juanito Church Update (Iglesia Bautista Huerta de Getsemani, Pastor Angel Ochoa)

February 2014 - Pastor Ochoa reports that God is blessing the work in San Juanito, especially the Young Peoples’ Department.  There are from 12 to 15 young people that attend regularly.  Two were baptized last Sunday.  Pray for these young people and the church.

Kipor Mission Update (Templo Bautista Kipor, Missionary Bonifacio Gonzalez working among the Pima Tribe)

February 2014 - God continues to bless the mission.  Souls are being saved and the believers are growing in the Lord.  Brother Gonzalez reports that it was a real blessing to see how the Pimas memorize the Scriptures, despite their inability to read or write.  Pray especially that God will supply materials for the construction of the church building and for materials to finish their house.

Panalachi Mission Update (Templo Bautista Panalachi, Missionary Mario Zavala working with the Tarahumara Tribe)

February 2014 - God is blessing the Zavala family and the mission.  February they also had a Sunday School campaign.  There were 40 first-time visitors and 5 were saved.  The Zavala family visited ranches and pueblos around Panalachi.  There are no roads in these areas, so he and his wife, Angelica, walked 3 hours to a small Tarahumara community.  God opened the door to testify to the Tarahumara, and two people were saved.  There are no churches in the village of Okorochi.  No one had ever been there to take the Gospel.  Pray for the people in this village as Brother Zavala and family continue visiting them.  The people in Panalachi are attending faithfully. The average attendance is between 40 and 50.  Pastor Martinez sent a bus to bring a group from Panalachi on the day of the Anniversary in Bocoyna.  People were there waiting at 6:00 AM. A total of 103 people came.  One man brought 33 in his pickup.  Some of them were saved Sunday morning and one family was baptized.  Pray that God will supply the materials to begin construction of the church building and for the materials to put in the electricity.

Christian Schools

March 2014 - Our students will be leaving for Easter break from April 11th and will return on May 6th. The majority of the students accept Christ as Savior while here in school and three-fourths of them are baptized. They come from all over the mountain area.  It takes some of them two days to return home.  In these days of “Semana Santa” (Easter week) there are many pagan traditions among the Tarahumara – festivals, age-old rituals and mysticism.  Their religion is Catholicism mixed with paganism.  All of these festivals are accompanied with corn beer, “tesquino.”  Pray for the students that they will have the courage to testify to their family and friends about the Lord Jesus Christ.  John 8:32  “…and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Bible Institute

March 2014 - The Bible School students, teachers and workers will be going on a missions trip to visit different ethnic groups from April 21st through the 25th.  We will visit the Tepehuanes of Durango and the Coras and Huicholes of Nayarit.  The purpose of the trip is to gain a greater missionary vision and to see the need to take the Gospel “…unto the uttermost part of the earth.”  Acts 1:8

New Mission in La Junta, Chihuahua

March 2014 - Brother Eber Martinez and his family will be moving to start a new mission in La Junta, Chihuahua.  La Junta is located about an hour and a half drive from Bocoyna.  Eber is the son of Pastor Jose Martinez, pastor of the Grand Vision Baptist Church here in Bocoyna.  Services in La Junta will begin on April 13th.  Please pray for them and the new mission.  Eber writes the following testimony:

“Hello, my name is Eber Martinez.  I was saved at an early age, and afterwards I surrendered my life to the Lord to serve Him full-time.  In June of 2009, I graduated from Bible School here in Bocoyna.  My wife`s name is Victoria and we have a two-year-old son, Joseph.  We have been praying for the Lord`s will in our lives as to where to serve Him.  God has opened the door to begin a new mission in La Junta, Chihuahua, 60 miles from Bocoyna.  The population is approximately 30,000 inhabitants.  We ask for your prayers that God would use us to win souls and establish an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church in La Junta.

Church Update

March 2014 - March was full of blessings!  Fifteen people accepted Christ as their Savior, twenty were baptized, many Christians dedicated their lives to serve the Lord more faithfully and some accepted responsibilities in the church.

Church Update

April 2014 - Greetings from the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Chihuahua!  The work continues to go forward, and God continues to bless us here in the mountains of Mexico.  Six people were saved, and 13 were baptized in April. We are thankful for the faithfulness of the members.  It is a blessing to see them grow in the Lord and make decisions for Him.  We have seen the attendance grow especially in the Wednesday night Bible study and prayer service.  April 9th we observed the Lord`s Supper.  Around 250 church members were present.

Children’s Day

April 2014 - April 27th was “Dia Del Niño” (Children’s Day).  We had 43 children in attendance.  We always have a piñata, bags of candy and a lesson from God’s Word.  Many children travel out of town with their family during Easter vacation.  Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Trip

April 2014 - Forty-three of our Bible School students, teachers and full-time workers traveled to visit missions in the mountains in the states of Durango and Nayarit during the week of April 20th through the 25th.  We visited various missionaries and saw their work among the Tepehuan, Huichol and Cora tribes.  It was a long and tiring trip but full of blessings!

Three of the missions are under the leadership of Mexican missionaries and Indian pastors.  More than twenty years ago two Indian pastors graduated from our Bible School.  It was a special blessing to see how the Indian churches have such a burden for missions in other parts of the world and are supporting other missionaries outside of Mexico.  We stayed in the homes of the missionaries and had a wonderful time of fellowship.  All of us came home with a greater burden for missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

Youth Camp

April 2014 - Pray especially for youth camp, July 21-25.  The theme this year is “Desafio 2014” (Challenge 2014).  Pray that God will touch hearts and that decisions will be made to serve the Lord.  As we saw on the missions trip, there is a great need to take the Gospel to towns, cities and villages in Mexico.  As Mathew 9:37 says,  “…The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”

Missions Update

April 2014 - The following is an update from our missions:

NEW MISSION IN LA JUNTA, CHIHUAHUA – God is blessing the new mission in La Junta.  The first Sunday, after much visitation, only one person attended.  The second Sunday there were 24 in attendance and 2 people were saved.  They celebrated Mother`s Day on May 4th and had 25 present, including 9 mothers.

TEMPLE BAUTISTA KIPOR - Brother Bonifacio reports that the on Wednesday nights they are teaching lessons on Baptism and that the lessons are well attended.  Pray that those that have been saved will understand the lessons and follow the Lord in Baptism.  Please pray for Pablo, Brother Bonifacio’s 9-year-old son, who had an appendicitis operation last week.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA PANALACHI - Brother Mario reports that they have been visiting villages and communities that are two and three hours walking distance from their mission.  Their tiredness is forgotten when they get there and see the people’s interest in hearing the Word of God.  They also go once a month to Okorochi and to other nearby communities to hold services.  People often ask them to return soon.

Church Update

May 2014 - We held a series of activities at the Grand Vision Baptist Church during the month of May.  Pastor Martinez preached a series of messages on the home.  The attendance was good, and 8 were baptized.  We celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11th.  We were blessed to have 80 mothers present at the service and to see two of them be saved on this very special day.

Bible Institute Graduation

May 2014 - We held our Bible Institute Graduation Fellowship from May 12th through the 14th.  It was a great blessing to hear the messages from the different pastors that were present.  The five graduates gave their testimonies.  Each one expressed their gratitude to the Lord for helping them finish their three years of study and look forward to learning what future plans He has for them.  All of them will be continuing into the 4th year missions course.  Pray that God will guide them as to where they will be serving Him in the future. Click here to see the pictures.

Piano Concert

May 2014 - Fifteen students of the Bible Institute played in the piano concert on May 17th.  This is an important part of their service for the Lord and an important event for them. Click here to see the pictures.

High School Graduation

May 2014 - High School Graduation was on May 30th.  Twenty-four students graduated this year.  Most of them are from the mountainous Tarahumara area of Urique.  All of them were saved during the three-year period that they were here.  Nearly all were baptized as well.  Pray for these young people that the Lord will guide them in their future, and that they will remain faithful in their testimony for Him. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update

May 2014 - Our missions continue to grow and lives are being saved.  Below is an update from our missionaries:

TEMPLO BAUTISTA PANALACHI: God continues to bless the mission among the Tarahumaras.  One person was saved this month.  The attendance has been down some due to people migrating temporarily to Ciudad Cuauhtémoc to work in the apple orchards.  There is no work for them in Panalachi.  Pray for the new Christians and also that God would supply materials for the construction of the church building.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA KIPOR: Sixty-five people attended the Mother`s Day service. Two people accepted Christ.  Pray for Victoria and Daniel.  Also pray for Brother Bonifacio and his family, as they also work among the Cora Tribe.  There are still MANY that need to be saved.

TEMPLO BAUTISTA EBENEZER: Two souls were saved in May, and the average attendance was 15.  Continue praying for Pastor Eber and his wife, Victoria, as they labor in La Junta.

Church Update

June 2014 - Greetings from Bocoyna, Chihuahua, Mexico!  Three souls were saved as the Gospel was taken door to door in June in the surrounding area.  Four people were saved during our services at the Grand Vision Baptist Church and two were baptized.  A man and his wife were saved on Fathers Day.  Thirty fathers attended the service. Click here to see the pictures.

New Sunday School Campaign

June 2014 - We are starting a new Sunday School campaign on the first Sunday in July.  The theme is “Verano Copioso”, (“Abundant Summer”) and is based on Proverbs 10:5.  Pray that God will bless us and that many will make decisions to be more faithful and win souls for the Lord.

Graduation 2014

June 2014 - We held middle school graduation (grades 7-9) on June 27th.  The auditorium was full.  Thirty young people graduated, most of them Tarahumara Indians from the mountain region of Urique.  There were many second-generation students among the graduates.  Many of their parents were present. It was a blessing to see students that graduated 20 years ago.  Pastor Martinez preached a great message entitled  “Forgotten Morality and Values.”   Continue to pray for the Christian Schools.  The students will all be returning on August 15 for the 2014-2015 school year, along with the new students.  God has used students that have been saved and baptized here to go back home to their towns and villages to begin new missions.  Both the Panalachi and Kipor missions are examples of new missions started by the students and their families.  Click here to see the pictures.

Summer Youth Camp

June 2014 - The 2014 Youth Camp will be held from July 21st through the 25th.  The theme this year will be  “Desafío”  (“A Challenge”).  Youth camp is an event for the youth of our church and missions; however, other Independent Fundamental Baptist churches will be participating as well.  The Bible Institute students will be presenting a drama taken from the book “Through Gates of Splendor” where 5 missionaries gave their lives to win the Auca Tribe in Ecuador.  Pray that young people will surrender their lives to serve the Lord.

Missions Update

June 2014 - God continues to bless our Missions. The following are updates from our missionary families:

Templo Bautista Kipor - Brother Bonificio asks us to pray for Mr. Raymundo Galaviz, his wife and their daughter.  All three were saved recently and are attending the Wednesday night baptism class.  Pray that they will understand and make a decision to follow the Lord in baptism.  Also pray that the rainy season will bring enough water to fill the river enough to have baptism services.  Lastly, pray for the 20 young people they will be bringing to youth camp.

Mission Bautista Panalachi - Brother Mario reports that many first-time visitors have been attending and that two people were saved in June.  The attendance has been between 30 and 40 each Sunday.

Templo Bautista Eben-ezer – Brother Eber reports that the new mission is doing well.  Eight people have been saved during May and June.  Pray for the salvation of the Gonzalez Villegas family.  Also pray for the children that have been attending, that God may touch their hearts as well.

Church Update

July 2014 - Greetings from the mission field and the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico!  July was a fantastic month filled with blessings. The average attendance was 250 despite the Christian School students being on vacation. Our local members attended faithfully and many brought visitors.  Six were saved and four followed the Lord in baptism during our services. God also blessed the new Sunday School campaign.  Click here to see the pictures.

Youth Camp Update

July 2014 - We are grateful to the Lord for the marvelous way that He worked throughout our youth camp this year.  Thank you for praying!  Last year we had about 100 campers in attendance.  We expected and planned for 130 this year.  To our surprise there were 173 campers and 14 pastors, their groups and families. A total of 250 attendees!  The pastors came from 4 different states.  All of them brought messages based on the camp theme “Desafio” (A Challenge), based on Joshua 14:12.  Three were saved, 17 surrendered their lives for full-time service, two made decisions for baptism and many consecrated their lives to the Lord.  We have been especially praying that God would touch the hearts of young people from the Pima and Tarahumara Tribes to surrender their lives and take the Gospel to their people.  God answered our prayers!  Samuel Galavez of the Pima Tribe and Rey David Gutierrez from the Tarahumara Tribe did just that.  Both will be entering Bible School here in September.  Pray for these two young men that they will remain faithful to the Lord.

The highlight of camp was the presentation of the drama, “Through Gates of Splendor.”  The play was presented outdoors in a natural rock amphitheater near the river.  We have been praying that God bless this play.  The play was a huge success, and He spoke to many hearts.  The Bible School students did a great job on the preparation and presentation.  Brother Carlos Madrigal was the director.   Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update

July 2014 - God continues to bless our Missions. The following are updates from our missionary families:

Templo Bautista Kipor - A young boy, Nain Eden Galavez accepted Christ last Sunday, and three people have made decisions for baptism. One of them is the missionary’s nine-year old son, Pablo.  The discipleship classes on Wednesday night continue.

Brother Bonifacio and family attended our youth camp.  They brought 11 young people and the Governor of the Pima Tribe.  One young man, Samuel Gutierrez, surrendered his life for full-time Christian service and will be entering Bible School in September.  Pray for protection for the Gonzalez family as they are working in a very dangerous area.  Also pray that God would supply the materials for the construction of the church building.

Mission Bautista Panalachi - Missionary Mario Zavala brought 13 young people to Youth Camp from the mission.  This month two adults were baptized in the Rituchi River.  A service was held following the baptisms with Pastor Jose Martinez preaching the sermon.

Templo Bautista Eben-ezer – Pray for Eber and Victoria Martinez and the new mission in La Junta as they continue faithfully preaching and teaching the Word of God in this city.

Click here to see the pictures.

Church Update

August 2014 - Greetings from the mountains of western Mexico!  God continues to bless the work here in Bocoyna.  We are thankful for all of His blessings, for your prayers and your spiritual and financial support.  The Grand Vision Baptist Church continues to grow and thrive.  You have a part in all of these blessings.  Ten people came forward to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and many came dedicating their lives to the Lord to serve Him better during the month of August.  Click here to see the pictures.

School is in Session

August 2014 - It is always exciting to see new students enroll in our Christian School in August every year.  We believe God has opened this door to reach young people with the Gospel of Christ.  We started the school (RAHOBI - Rancho Hogar Bilingüe, The Bilingual Ranch Home), 25 years ago.  Hundreds of young people have come here to study over these years and many have been saved and baptized while here.  This year there are 123 enrolled in Middle School and 93 in High School.  Although some come from different states in Mexico, the majority of the students are from the Tarahumara Tribe here in the mountain area.  Pray for the salvation of the new students that have entered.  Click here to see the pictures.

Special Visitor

August 2014 - We had the privilege of having Missionary Osvaldo Ruvalcaba and family from Ruiz, Nayarit on Sunday, August 10th.  They are working with the Cora and Huichol Indians.  Brother Ruvalcaba preached during both services and was a great blessing.  Four were saved during the services.

First Ladies Meeting

August 2014 - We held our first Ladies Meeting on August 22nd.  There were 60 ladies present.  We began with a delicious dinner, heard fabulous testimonies, played Bible games, heard special music and Pastor Martinez brought a message on the home and family.  Click here to see the pictures.

Upcoming Missions Conference

August 2014 - Our annual Missions Conference will be held September 25th through the 28th.  The title is based on Psalm 96:3; “Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.”  The Grand Vision Baptist Church gave over $100,000 pesos ($7,874.00 Dollars) to missions during the last 12 months.  It is our goal during this Missions Conference to increase our vision and give more so that God`s Word can be preached “unto the ends of the earth.”  The emphasis in our teaching and preaching will be on missions during the month of September.  Pray for the Christians that they will have a greater burden to give to missions.

Missions Update

August 2014 - God is blessing the three missions of our church.  Souls are being saved and baptized and Christians are growing in the Lord.  One special request from Missionary Bonifacio in Kipor, Sonora is for a vehicle.  The van that he has is completely worn out, and they are in need of another one.  They have a bus route and bring in people from the small towns and villages around Kipor.  Help us pray for this urgent need.

Church Update

September 2014 - Greetings once again from the Grand Vision Baptist Church located in Bocoyna Mexico.  The Lord continues to touch the hearts of the people here in Mexico!  The month of September was “Missions Month.”  God blessed us in marvelous ways!  We had guest pastors preach during the month, and we saw many people come forward to accept Christ as their savior.  In total, 32 people were saved this month.  Click here to see the pictures.

Special Speakers

September 2014 - The first Sunday the special speaker was Brother Ramon Vicente Lara, pastor of the “Jesus es el Camino” (Jesus is the way) Baptist Church in Pochotitlán, Nayarit, of the Huichol tribe.  He brought his daughter, Lidia, to enroll in our Bible Institute.  Three people accepted Christ in this special service.  Brother Ramon and his wife Eurasia graduated from our Bible Institute in 1994.

Brother Guillermo Wall, pastor of the Alvaro Obregon Baptist Church from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, spoke about Faith Promise Missions on the last Sunday.  He and his wife, Martha, are also graduates from the Bible Institute.  Four people were saved and many came to the altar dedicating their lives to the Lord and to give more to missions.

Missions Conference

September 2014 - We received our Faith Promise offering commitments for 2014-15 during the last service on the last Sunday in September.  The amount pledged was $255,072 pesos, twice as much as was given last year.  Pray with us that everyone will be faithful in giving and that we may be able to support more missionaries here in Mexico and in other countries to take the Gospel to the regions beyond.  The Grand Vision Baptist Church now supports 6 missionary families in Mexico working among different tribes.  They are:  The Huichol and Cora in Nayarit; Kiliwa in Baja California Norte; Tepehuanes in Durango and Nayarit; Tarahumara in Chihuahua, Pima in Kipor, Sonora.

Bible Institute

September 2014 - We are thankful for the five new students that the Lord sent us.  Among the five students is Rey David Gutiérrez from the Tarahumara Tribe.  Rey surrendered his life to preach in Youth Camp this year. Lidia Vicente Muñoz is from the Huichol Tribe.  Her father is the pastor in Nayarit.   In total there are 20 preparing to serve the Lord.  Pray especially for those that will be graduating that God will lead them to their field of service.  Click here to see the pictures.

Panalachi Mission Update

September 2014 - In September, Fernando and Rogelio, two of the four children from far away communities that are staying in the Missionary’s home to attend primary school, were saved.  Pray for them. There were two people who visited the mission for the first time during September.  Pray especially for the people of Ojeachi.  They are being persecuted, and two families stopped attending services as a result.  Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor Mission Update

September 2014 - God is blessing the mission.  One person was baptized this month. There are 6 more in the discipleship classes.  Pray that they will understand and soon be baptized also.  About 100 people were present during the baptismal service.  Missionary Bonifacio is thankful for the promising responses to the need for a new van.  Please continue to pray for this need.  Construction on their house is progressing.  They only lack the installation of doors, windows and plastering.  They want to get it finished so they can move in before winter settles in.  Once finished, they will begin construction of the church building.  Click here to see the pictures.

La Junta Mission Update

September 2014 - Eber and Victoria are working faithfully in the mission in La Junta.  Pray that they will be able to find a larger house for the family in which to live and to have services.  They are thankful for a new member of the family - Eber Zabdiel, who was born last month.  Pray for them.

Answered Prayer

September 2014 - We would like to thank those of you that sent special offerings to buy mattresses for the young people in the dormitories.  Your response has been overwhelming.  We are now able to buy more mattresses and replace those nearing end of life.  We had to order a special size to fit the beds, and we are hoping they will all be finished soon.  God bless each of you that had a part in this special project.

Church Update

October 2014 - October was a wonderful month of blessings at the Grand Vision Baptist Church. We praise the Lord for the way He has answered our prayers.  We had 17 first-time visitors, 13 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and seven followed the Lord in Baptism.   We started a new Sunday School series teaching the book of Revelation.  Everyone is interested to know the events of the last days.  They are motivated to be more faithful and to bring people to hear the Word of God, understanding that Christ will be coming soon.  Click here to see the pictures.

Torrential Rains

October 2014 - You’ve probably heard about the hurricanes and torrential rainfall that Mexico received last summer and the destruction it caused.  Although we are far inland we were not spared.  The rains caused mudslides on our 2-mile access road and caused significant damage to our Christian School building.  The landslides blocked the road on a Sunday morning, and we had to work hard to make a passage for our bus routes.  We were able to clear the debris in time for our church services.  The classrooms and offices have suffered significant damage from the rain.  We estimate it will cost more than $50,000 for cleanup and repairs.  Please pray that God may provide us with the funds necessary to complete this work.  Click here to see the pictures.

San Juanito Church Update

October 2014 - The Huerta de Gethsemane Baptist Church in San Juanito will be celebrating its one-year anniversary the 30th of this month.  I recently had the opportunity to visit Pastor Angel Ochoa and his wife Adriana. They both report that the church is doing well.  They had been living in the classrooms of the church and had been praying for a new parsonage.  The next door neighbor came to them one day asking them if they would like to rent the guest house which is right next to the church building.  They accepted the offer and are now able to use the classrooms for Sunday School and for Children’s Church.  Click here to see the pictures.

Panalachi Baptist Mission Update

October 2014 - God has blessed tremendously in Panalachi.  The members continue to attend faithfully and they are becoming more active in the mission.  We started guitar lessons on the weekends for some of the members so that they may participate in the services.  Pray for those that have not been saved nor baptized because we have recently learned that they are being visited by other doctrines informing them that they need to continue in their traditions and customs as set by their Tarahumara heritage.  Also a lady, desperate due to family and personal troubles, was recently saved.  She was on the verge of suicide when she decided to come talk to the missionary’s wife and be saved.  Pray for her and her family.  Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor BaptistMission Update

October 2014 - A few months ago Missionary Bonifacio asked to pray for a van to replace the one that was used for the Sunday route. We are happy to report that the Lord has touched the hearts of some of you and we have raised about half the money necessary to purchase a good used vehicle.  Please continue to pray for this important need.  Click here to see the pictures.

Eben-Ezer Baptist Mission Update (La Junta)

October 2014 - Pastor Eber Martinez reports that he was able to secure a slightly larger home to hold services.  People are responding, the attendance is growing, and souls are being saved.  The average attendance is about 20.  Two people accepted Christ as their Savior during the last Sunday of the month.  Continue to pray for this new mission, that God may continue to bless them.  Click here to see the pictures.

Answered Prayer

October 2014 - The Mexican government notified us in October that two of our buses and one of our utility trucks were not properly nationalized.  They required us to be compliant by the end of October.  We contacted Pastor Jaramillo from Tower Road Baptist Church, our sending church, asking for his assistance.  The Lord answered our prayer, the funds necessary to register our vehicles properly were raised, and the registrations secured.  A special thank you to the churches and individuals that contributed towards this cause.

Church Update

November 2014 - Each Sunday in December we are having an Evangelistic Campaign entitled, “Venimos a Adorarle” (O Come let us adore Him) with an emphasis on the Birth of Christ.  The campaign culminates with our annual Church Christmas program.  Click here to see the pictures.

Student Christmas Vacation

November 2014 - We had a special Christmas service for middle and high school students on November 26th.  They leave for the Christmas break on December 19th.  The song service and message was about the true meaning of Christmas.

Student Christmas Party

November 2014 - The 15th of December is the Christmas party.  Each student receives a small gift and a delicious dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, a bag of candy and fruit.  We are very grateful for a group of people that each year donates turkeys for this special occasion.

San Juanito Church Anniversary

November 2014 - San Juanito, Chihuahua:  The church celebrated its first anniversary on Sunday, November 30th.  Over a hundred people attended this special service.  Pastor Angel Ochoa preached an encouraging message; there was a program of special music and testimonies.  One person was baptized.  The pastor’s wife, Adriana, and the ladies from the church served a delicious dinner following the service.  Please remember Pastor Ochoa and the church in your prayers as they continue preaching and teaching God’s Word in San Juanito.  Click here to see the pictures.

Panalachi Baptist Mission

November 2014 - God blessed the mission with good attendance in November.  Between 30 and 40 people attend each Sunday.  Brother Mario Zavala asks for all of us to pray for the Churro Lerma family from the community of Ojiachi.  They have been absent from the services and have been receiving persecution from people telling them not to come to the services.  Also pray for funds to expand the mission building and for their monthly financial support.  Click here to see the pictures.

Eben-Ezer Baptist Mission

November 2014 - EBEN- EZER BAPTIST MISSION – La Junta, Chihuahua.  Pastor Eber Martinez reports that the Lord is blessing them in their new location.  Their attendance ranges between 20 and 25 each Sunday.  Two souls were saved, and 12 people attended for the first time during the month of November.  Pray that God will supply the monthly rent of $1,000 pesos ($130 dollars.)  Also, they are in need of benches or chairs for the services.  Click here to see the pictures.

Answered Prayer

November 2014 - Last July we identified the need to replace some of the aging mattresses in our dormitories.  Many of you responded. We are happy to report that 50 mattresses were delivered in November, and they are now installed in our dormitories.  There are many happy students now sleeping on more comfortable and clean beds.  Thank you for supporting this great cause. Click here to see the pictures.

Sunday School Campaign

December 2014 - The campaign “Venimos a Adorarle” began the first of December.  It was about being faithful and inviting people to come to the services.  Bibles were given to all those that brought visitors.  A total of 44 first-time visitors came, and 10 of them were saved.  Five came forward for baptism.

Christmas Cantata

December 2014 - December 14th was a very special service at the Grand Vision Baptist Church.  The Calvary Baptist Church Choir from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, under the direction of Music Director Raul Escudero, presented a Christmas Cantata named “Luz Eterna” (Eternal Light).  It was a great blessing to the church.  Pastor Roberto Navarro preached a great message afterwards.  Two people were saved.

Annual Christmas Dinner

December 2014 - We held our annual Christmas party for all the students, children and workers on December 15th.  We want to express our gratitude to all of you that made this possible.  God wonderfully supplied gifts for the children and dinner.  Everyone had a great time of fellowship and celebration.  Click here to see the pictures.

Church Christmas Program

December 2014 - The GVBC and its missions held their annual Christmas programs on December 21st.  At the GVBC, each Sunday School class presented a number – songs, recitations, poems etc., and the Bible Institute Students presented a drama, “De Las Tinieblas a la Luz” (From Darkness to Light).  There were many decisions made for Christ.  Afterwards, the children had the traditional piñata and bags of candy.  Click here to see the pictures.

New Year's Eve Service

December 2014 - The activities of December ended with a New Year’s Eve Service.  There were testimonies, singing, “Acciones de Gracias” (thanking God for the blessings of 2014) and a message from God’s Word. Everyone dedicated his or her life to serve Him better in the new year.  The ladies served tamales, buñuelos and hot chocolate.  We enjoyed a time of fellowship together.

Classes Restarting

December 2014 - The students from middle school and Bible Institute entered classes on January 7th.  High School enters on January 26th.  Please pray for our teachers and students as we provide our students with both their secular and spiritual education.

Missions Update

December 2014 - All of our missions held their annual Christmas celebration on Sunday, December 21st.  The following are details for each of our missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

PANALACHI BAPTIST MISSION:  About 100 people attended the Christmas program in Panalachi.  Pastor Jose Martinez brought the message.  Missionary Mario Zavala and family are serving faithfully in this ministry that God has placed in their hands.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

KIPOR BAPTIST MISSION:  Kipor Baptist Temple had an attendance of 80 for their Christmas service.  All the people brought food and refreshments.  Missionary Bonifacio gave the message.  Pray for this mission and that many from the Pima Tribe will be saved.

EBEN-EZER BAPTIST MISSION:  Brother Eber Martinez and family are faithfully serving in the Eben-Ezer Mission in La Junta.  About 30 people attended the Christmas program and heard a message about Christ’s birth.  Decisions were made.  Pray for spiritual growth of these new Christians.