2013 News Feed

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Bible Institute

January 2013 - The Bible Institute is off to a good start this semester.  The last week in January was modular week with Pastor Jose Martinez, Brother Oscar Maya and missionary Mario Zavala teaching special subjects.  Pray for the students as they prepare to serve the Lord. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update

January 2013 - Pastor Angel Ochoa from the mission in San Juanito writes:  "God is blessing the Gethsemane Baptist Temple!  We have reorganized the Sunday School and have classes at 10:00 AM.  Our main service begins at 11:00AM, and we have an evening service at 4:00PM.  The attendance is between 30 and 40.  Pray for our Sunday School campaign "February: Month of Love" that new people will come and hear the Gospel.“

Special Testimony - Rosa Garcia

January 2013 - It is always a blessing to hear from graduates of the Bible College we started in 1970. Hundreds of young people are working in all the Republic of Mexico as pastors, missionaries and full time workers.  This month I would like for you to hear about one of our faithful workers here in Bocoyna.  She is from the Calvary Baptist Church in Chihuahua.  The church was started in 1963 not too long after our arrival in Mexico.  Her testimony is as follows:

"I was saved under the ministry of missionaries Louis and Joan Kahler at an early age in the Calvary Baptist Church, Chihuahua, Chihuahua.  I surrendered my life to the Lord at age 14 and entered the Bible Institute.  After graduation, I worked in the church for four years, and then surrendered my life to be a missionary.  I took the Missions Course at the Baptist Institute of the Americas in Torreon, Coahuila.  Afterwards, God led me to work in Bocoyna.   It has been a blessing to serve the Lord here, teaching in the Christian Schools, teaching in the Bible Institute, teaching in Sunday School, and working with the Tarahumara children as well as with children from other tribes.  In the 26 years that I have been here, I have seen many accept Christ as their Savior.  At the present I am working at the mission in San Juanito on the weekends teaching and playing the piano for the services.  It is a joy to serve the Lord, and I want Him to use me to win souls.  My life is in His hands!” - Rosa Garcia

“February, Month of Love”

February 2013 -  February was truly a month of many blessings for which we give the Lord all the honor and glory! February is the month of our annual Sunday School campaign - "February, Month of Love." We had four special Sundays, the last Sunday being the Grand Vision Baptist Church's anniversary. This year we celebrated our 25th  anniversary. Our goal for our anniversary Sunday School attendance was 600. The Lord blessed us with 675 in attendance, 65 came from the mission in Panalachi. Of the 675, 60% were Tarahumara. Twenty were saved and 9 baptized during February.  Click here to see the pictures.

First-Time Visitor Campaign

February 2013 -   Bibles were presented to those bringing the most visitors. Brother Felipe Hinojos won first place with 74. He and all of his family were recently saved and baptized. Mrs. Martha Dominguez won second place with 57, and Mrs. Hortencia Gonzales won third place with 54. Many others worked very hard to bring new visitors as well. We had a total of 328 first-time visitors during the month! Pray for the follow-up for these new visitors that they will be saved.

These results could not have been possible without the tremendous work of Pastor Martinez, the full-time workers, the Bible School students and our church members. They visited people in advance and ran all the bus routes in preparation for this campaign. Brother Daniel Batres took a bus to Panalachi Saturday night to bring the people Sunday morning. The trip is a 90-minute drive one way through some very rough roads. Many of the ladies worked very hard to prepare the noon meal. Brother Eber Martinez, our music director, did an excellent job with special music. We are thankful for all the faithful, dedicated workers. They did all of this to reach souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY - GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE". Click here to see the pictures.

Special Messengers

February 2013 -   We were also privileged to have two special speakers in February.  Pastor Juventino Grande (a 1980 graduate of the Bible School), from the Bible Baptist Church in Toluca, Mexico, preached on February 10; and Pastor Francisco Muñoz, from the Divine Savior Baptist Church in Cd. Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, preached on the 24th.

March Results

March 2013 - The combined average attendance of GVBC and missions was 375, 21 were saved and 15 baptized. Five of those baptized are from the new mission in Panalachi.  Four people were saved in their homes - Rita Gonzalez, 81 years old, Cesar and his wife Cristina, and their son Alex, 18 years old.  Please pray much for Alex.  He had a terrible accident and the doctors told him that he would never see again.  We are thankful that he and his parents accepted Christ as their savior three weeks ago.  We have been praying for this family for many years.

Bus Routes

March 2013 - We are thankful for the faithful bus drivers that serve the Lord every Sunday and on other special occasions.  There are 3 buses and vehicles that cover about 250 miles every occasion.  They bring between 150 and 175 people from the villages and towns around Bocoyna.  Click here to see the pictures.

Lord’s Supper

March 2013 - We observed the Lord’s Supper on March 20, prior to the students returning home for their Easter break. There were 175 members that participated. Brother Mario Zavala from our mission in Panalachi and Brother Angel Ochoa from our mission in San Juanito brought members from their respective missions.  Click here to see the pictures.

Construction in Panalachi

March 2013 - From March 25–29 the Bible School students, workers, and some men from the church went to Panalachi to help brother Mario with the construction of his house and the temporary room where they will meet for services.  Brother Mario and his family will be moving into their house soon.  Right now, they are living in two small rooms where they also hold church services.    Click here to see the pictures.

Peso Devaluation

March 2013 - The exchange rate here in Mexico continues to deteriorate.  The peso has dropped from $13 pesos to the dollar to about $12 pesos.  The cost of food, gasoline, electricity, propane and other items keep rising.  This directly impacts our ability to support God’s work with our existing income.  Any extra offerings would be of great help at this time.

Missionary Journey

April 2013 - It began with a trip to the southern part of Mexico for the teachers and students of the Bible Institute. They took the church bus and covered more than 2,000 miles. Their trip took them through deserts, mountains and forests and even across rivers without bridges. The purpose of this trip was to visit the different Indian Tribes; the Huastecos, Nàhuatl and Tepehuan. The Huastecos and Nàhuatl are in the state of San Luis Potosi, and the Tepehuan are in the southern part of the state of Durango. Everyone returned with a greater mission vision to reach the lost for Christ. As the Lord said in Luke 10:2 “…The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”  It is for this reason that our church continues with the ministry to prepare and send forth laborers into His harvest. Pray for the 14 young people that surrendered to serve the Lord and will enter the Institute in September. Click here to see the pictures.

Upcoming Graduation

April 2013 - June 19th is the Bible School Graduation. One student will be graduating and seven will be finishing their year of service. Pray that God will lead them to their place of service.

Children’s Day

April 2013 - Sunday, April 28th was Children's Day. One hundred fifteen children attended Sunday School. They came from the towns and villages around Bocoyna. We had a special program, a lesson from the Bible and a piñata. Click here to see the pictures.

Faith Promise Missions

April 2013 - Pray for our faith promise missions offering. Our church supports the following Mexican Missionaries:

  1. Mario Zavala and family with the Tarahumaras in the mountains of Chihuahua (Panalachi).

  2. Bonifacio Gonzales and family with the Pimas in the mountains of Sonora.

  3. Ruben Gutierrez and family with the Tepehuanes in the mountains of Durango.

  4. Osvaldo Ruvalcaba and family with the Coras of Nayarit and Huicholes of Nayarit and Jalisco.

  5. Everardo Andrade and family with the Tepehuanes migrated from the coast of Nayarit.

  6. Sergio Vargas and family with the Kiliwa and other Indian tribes in the State of Baja California Norte.

Missions Update

April 2013 - The following is a report from our missionaries in the field:

  1. Panalachi: Missionary Mario Zavala reports an average attendance of 30 to 40. Sixty children attended Sunday School on Children’s Day. They are making progress on the construction of their house and the temporary room for the services.

  2. Kipor: The mission is growing. Missionary Bonifacio Gonzales and family are faithfully serving in an area that is very dangerous. In the past two months eight people have been saved. They have started “Discipleship Classes” on Wednesday night and also have started building their house and church with help from the congregation. Pray for them and their work with the Pima Tribe.

  3. San Juanito: Pastor Angel Ochoa reports that two were saved and four are awaiting baptism. They have begun visitation in the neighboring town of Sehuereachi, from which five families are attending the mission. Sixty children were present for Children’s Day service.

Mother’s Day

May 2013 - We held our annual Mother’s Day celebration on May 12th.  God blessed us with 85 mothers present.  Many of them were first-time visitors.  Pastor Jose Martinez preached a message on salvation and on how to be good mothers. Two mothers were saved.  Please pray for them.  The wisest mother, the mother with the most children present in the service and the most faithful mother were recognized during the service. Click here to see the pictures.

Men’s Meeting

May 2013 - The men’s meeting of Grand Vision Baptist Church has been a blessing.  Most of the men in the church have been saved as a result of these meetings.  Three men from Bocoyna came to visit the pastor just before the May 24th meeting began.  A political candidate accompanied by two men of the political party “PAN” came seeking votes for the upcoming Mayoral election.  The pastor told them that he could not meet with them just then, invited them to stay for the service, and let them know that he would talk to them afterwards. They decided to stay for the meeting, listened to the Word of God and one of the men accepted Christ as his Savior.

Missions Update - San Juanito (Pastor Angel Ochoa)

May 2013 - During May, two adults were saved and three are awaiting baptism.  Five new families are attending church faithfully from the route in Seguereachi.  We generally bring around 40 adults and children on Sunday from the route.  One new family from San Juanito is also coming faithfully.   We made three trips to bring the mothers for Mother’s Day service.  Fifty mothers from the church and the Seguereachi route were present.  Keep praying that God may provide for a larger vehicle for this route.  Also pray for our Sunday School campaign in June, “My fruit is better than gold.”  Proverbs 8:19. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update - Panalachi (Pastor Mario Zavala)

May 2013 - We are happy to report that during the month of May we had an average attendance of 35.  One person was saved.  We are thankful for those that have been saved and are attending church regularly in the midst of difficulties.  Some people walk 2 or 3 hours to attend our services.  We feed them after church, and then they walk the 2 or 3-hour trip back home.  Twenty-two Tarahumara mothers attended the special Mother’s Day service.  Pray for them.  We have classes on Christian growth for those that have been saved.  We also hold classes to teach them how to read and write.  They are excited to learn so they can read the Bible.  Our house is almost finished and nearly ready to move into.  Pray that God would supply for the installation of the electrical lines. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update - Kipor (Pastor Bonifacio Gonzalez)

May 2013 - God is blessing the mission in Kipor.  In May we had an average attendance of 77.  Sunday, 12 children accepted Christ.  On Wednesday nights we have lessons on spiritual growth for those that have been saved.  About 7–14 people attend.  Pray for the June Sunday School campaign, “The Lord is coming.”  Also, pray that God would supply the materials needed to complete the church and our home.  Pray for the salvation of the Pima Tribe here in Kipor. Click here to see the pictures.

GVBC Update

June 2013 - Sunday, June 16th, Father`s Day, GVBC was blessed with 40 fathers present.  Two accepted Christ.  Two Sundays ago, Mario and Irma Rios were baptized.  Mario immediately wanted to work for the Lord.  So Pastor gave him a bus route to bring people on Sunday Morning.  Pray for them that they will be faithful.  Last Sunday we began a Sunday School campaign to win souls titled “Mejor es mi fruto que el oro…” (My fruit is better than gold…) Proverbs 8:19.  Pray that many will be saved and that Christians will grow spiritually. Click here to see the pictures.

Christian School Graduations

June 2013 - In June we celebrated our Christian School graduations.  It is always a blessing to see the students finish the school year.  Eleven graduated from 7–9 grades and five from high school.  The most outstanding students received trophies in three categories; physical education, academic and spiritual life.  Our highest honor, the “Copa Màxima” goes to the student with the best overall performance in the three categories.  Margarita Gloria Rivas, one of our Tarahumara high school students received the highest honor.  She has been studying here for four years.  She will be continuing her education studying nursing in the University of Chihuahua.  She has been saved, baptized, and wanted to enter our Bible Institute to prepare to serve the Lord, but because of much opposition from her family, she wasn’t able to.  Pray for her and the other graduates. Click here to see the pictures.

Bible Institute Graduation

June 2013 - Graduation for the Institute was June 19th.  One graduated and six completed their year of service.  It is a blessing to see them finish their preparation and hear their testimonies about their future service to the Lord.  Pray for the Lord`s guidance in their lives.  Samuel Batres, a second year student, received the highest honor award.  He is the son of our full-time workers Daniel and Flora Batres.

Pastor José Martinez preached a powerful message about being faithful in times like these.  The special music was uplifting under the direction of Eber Martinez.  The choir sang two appropriate songs, “Lord, consume my life,” and “Use my time, life and all for thee.”

The piano students of the Bible Institute presented their concert.  They all did very well.    Piano is an important part of their preparation.  They are limited in their practice time due to the fact that we only have one piano!  Pray that God would supply us with at least one more.

Click here to see the pictures.

GVBC Update

August 2013 - Average attendance in Sunday School and the regular services was 150 for the last of July and all of August.  Ten souls were saved from Bocoyna and surrounding areas.  Our Christian School students returned on August 12th well rested from their summer break and ready to begin the new year.  More are still enrolling.  We are thankful for the church people that were faithful in their attendance during this period.

GVBC Update - Biweekly Men’s Meeting

July 2013 - Every two weeks we have men's meeting.  Generally from 40 to 50 men attend.  They have a meal and a time of fellowship and then a special speaker.  We have seen many saved and grow in the Lord as a result of this special ministry.  Click here to see the pictures.

Youth Camp

July 2013 - The theme for this year’s camp was  “MARCAR LA DIFERENCIA.”  We used Daniel 1:8 as our theme verse “… but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself…”  Young people came from all over the region including our missions in Kipor, San Juanito and Panalachi.  We had a variety of speakers.  The attendance this year was 80.  The young people participated in special music, Bible games and sports.  Six were saved and seven dedicated their lives to full-time service.  Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update

July 2013 - I visited the missions in Panalachi and San Juanito on July 28th.  The construction in Panalachi is nearly completed.  Brother Mario and family have moved into their new home, where they also have the church services.  There were 60 people in Sunday School.  I had the privilege of leading a young Tarahumara mother to the Lord.  Pray for Missionary Mario and family.

The mission in San Juanito is growing and maturing.  Brother Angel Ochoa is doing a great job. The construction is progressing and they have just recently completed the new baptistry.  Pray for the work in San Juanito.  Click here to see the pictures.

Martinez/Coss Wedding

August 2013 - August 2nd was the wedding of Adriel Martinez and Jacqueline Coss.  Adriel is the son of Pastor Jose Martinez and is the director of our Christian Schools.  Both Adriel and Jacqueline are teachers and full-time workers in the church.  Pray for them as they begin their new life together to serve the Lord.  Click here to see the pictures.

The 2013-14 School Year

August 2013 - The 2013-14 school year has begun. We’ve enrolled 206 students so far this year.  A total of 111 are in 7-9th grades and 95 in grades 10–12th.  We thank the Lord for sending these precious young people.  The majority are Tarahumara Indians from the mountain region.  Pray for the salvation of the new students and for spiritual growth of the returning students.  Pray that many will surrender their lives to preach the Gospel in the mountain areas here in Chihuahua.  We praise the Lord that 12 have been saved since the new school year began.  “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”  Click here to see the pictures.

Faith Missions Conference

August 2013 - Our Faith Missions Conference is September 26 – 29. The theme this year is “No man careth for my soul.”  The special speakers are Missionary Ruben Gutierrez, Missionary to the Tepehuan Indians in Mesquital, Durango, and Missionary Mario Zavala, Missionary to the Tarahumara Indians in Panalachi, Chihuahua.  Pray that each person will accept their responsibility as a Christian and that we will have a greater vision for missions.  Pastor Jose Martinez is dedicating the month of September as “Missions Month.”

San Juanito Mission Church Organization

August 2013 - The Garden of Gethsemane Baptist Temple, a mission of Grand Vision Baptist Church, will be organized as an Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church on December 2nd.  Pray that God will bless this new church, its pastor and that it will grow to be a great testimony in San Juanito.

GVBC Faith Promise Missions Conference

September 2013 - Our Conference was September 26-29th.  God blessed us with good attendance each night.  Twenty were saved, six came for baptism and four surrendered their lives to the Lord for full time service and to enter the Bible Institute. Special speakers included Missionary Ruben Gutierrez, missionary to the Tepehuan Tribe; Missionary Mario Zavala, Missionary to the Tarahumara; and Missionary Bonifacio Gonzalez, missionary to the Pimas.  Each preached challenging messages on giving to missions.  Church members made decisions to give more to Faith Promise Missions.  We hope to give more this year to open new works among different tribes and start more churches.  The church now supports six missionary families.

September Blessings

September 2013 - We are rejoicing over a special blessing this month.  God supplied 2 new refrigerators that we desperately needed for the kitchen.  Also He has supplied the much-needed food for the Children’s Home.  There are 197 students enrolled this year in addition to the 20 staff members and their families.

Kipor Mission Update

September 2013 - Missionary Bonifacio Gonzales and his family are doing great work with the Pima Tribe.  Seven were saved during July and August.  Among them was a Governor of the Pima Tribe.  They had been praying for his salvation.  Two Sundays ago he attended the services for the first time, heard the Gospel and accepted Christ as his Savior. Pray for these new converts and their spiritual growth.  They brought 12 young people here to Bocoyna for youth camp in July.  The young people worked hard to raise money for the 4-hour bus trip.  One of the young men, Ignacio Jimenez, surrendered his life to the Lord for full time service.  Pray for him that he will come to Bible School to prepare for the ministry.

Panalachi Mission Update

September 2013 - Missionary Mario Zavala reports that God continues to bless them.  They recently opened their home to four children to stay with them.  The children must walk 2-3 hours each way to attend school in Panalachi and were not attending school as a result.  This is an opportunity to reach more people in the mountains with the Gospel.  Pray for them in this new outreach.

Cuauhtemoc Church Update

September 2013 - God has wonderfully supplied for Pastor Maya and the church in Cuauhtémoc to purchase new land for a building.  They have moved to the new site and are having services in a small cardboard provisional building.  Pray that God would supply for the construction of the church building.

GVBC Church Update

October 2013 - The average attendance during the month of October was 340.  Of those attending, 220 are from the Christian Schools and 120 are from Bocoyna and the surrounding communities.   Nineteen were baptized, seventeen from the schools and two from Bocoyna.

Pastor Martinez taught Bible Doctrine in the adult Sunday school class during October.  It is a blessing to see that the people are interested to learn more about the Bible.  I am teaching the 9th and 10th grade señoritas Sunday school class.  There are 16 in my group.  Eight have been saved since September and five have been baptized.

God continues to bless the men`s meeting.  They meet for prayer and Bible study every two weeks.   There are usually 30 or 40 men in attendance.  Pray for these meetings.

We are thankful for the 19 full-time workers that are faithfully serving the Lord.  Each one carries a full load teaching in the Christian School, the Bible Institute and in the work of the church.  One dear family has faithfully served the Lord here for 26 years.  Pray for Daniel and Flora Batres and their two children Samuel and Flora Daleth.  Samuel is in the third year of Bible School and Flora Daleth is a senior in high school.  Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor Mission Update

October 2013 - Missionary Bonifacio Gonzales reports that the average attendance at the Kipor Baptist Temple during September and October was 80.  Eleven souls were saved.  Pray for their Sunday school campaign, “Cristo, Mi Roca” (Christ is my Rock).  The people are excited about inviting and bringing new visitors.  Each visitor receives a Bible.  Their prayer request this month is for God to provide funds to build a church building.  They are still meeting at the sawmill.  Click here to see the pictures.

Panalachi Mission Update

October 2013 - Missionary Mario Zavala reports that God continues to bless the Panalachi Baptist Mission.  In October the average Sunday attendance was 35.   Souls are being saved.  Pray for Brother Corpus and wife Rosa, a Tarahumara family that lives in a small community a two-hour walk from the mission and attend regularly.  Brother Corpus has a burden to take the Gospel back to his “Ranchito”. Brother Mario is teaching him to read and write.  He speaks some Spanish.  Pray for him.  Their three children stay at the mission during the week to go to school in Panalachi. All three children have been saved and baptized.  Click here to see the pictures.

GVBC Church Update

November 2013 - Our church continues with a vision of winning lost souls to Christ.  In November nine people were saved and six were baptized.  Pray for the pastor and for the future missionary projects of the church.  Click here to see the pictures.

The New Getsemani Baptist Church

November 2013 - The first of December was the organization of the Gethsemane Baptist Church.  Over 100 attended the service.  There were 16 members to initiate the new church.  They elected Brother Angel Ochoa as their pastor.  Pray for Angel, his wife Adriana and the new “Iglesia Bautista Getsemani.”   Click here to see the pictures.

Cuauhtemoc Baptist Church Update

November 2013 - The church held its Mission Conference and second anniversary from November 28 through December 1.  The conference was well attended.  Pastor Martinez from the Grand Vision Baptist Church preached at two of the services.  Two people were saved; others came forward for baptism and to reaffirm their Faith Promise Missions pledge.  They are meeting at their new site in a small one-room building.  Pray that God will supply the finances needed to build a church building.   Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor Mission Update

November 2013 - The following is from a recent letter from Brother Bonifacio and Adriana Gonzalez, missionaries to the Pima Tribe:  “We are thankful for God’s protection, for the souls that have been saved and for God supplying for our needs.  The average attendance was 70 during November.  Our most urgent prayer request is that God will supply a church building and for tin for the roof on our house.”   Continue to pray for the Gonzalez family.   Click here to see the pictures.

Panalachi Mission Update

November 2013 - God continues to bless the mission in Panalachi.  In a previous letter we wrote about Brother Corpus whom Brother Mario has been training to start a mission in his home, a two-hour walk from the Panalachi mission.  Last week Brother Corpus won his father and mother to the Lord.  Their special request is that God will protect the new Christians.  The mission is receiving much persecution from the Catholic Church.   Click here to see the pictures.

The New Mission in La Junta

November 2013 - God has opened the door to begin a new mission in La Junta, Chihuahua.  La Junta, population 30,000, is located about an hour and a half drive from Bocoyna.  We have been asked to manage a children's home and this gives us an opportunity to begin a new mission there. Pray for the new project, and for Brother Eber Martinez and family.  Eber is the son of Pastor Martinez.  They will be moving to La Junta the first of January.   Click here to see the pictures.

Thank You!

December 2013 - We are truly thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon the Grand Vision Baptist Church, Christian Schools, Bible Institute and Missions during 2013.  Thank you for praying and giving to God’s work here in Bocoyna and the surrounding areas.  We are looking forward to the New Year and are praying that many souls will be saved, baptized and that many surrender their lives to serve the Lord.

Christmas & New Year Celebrations

December 2013 - We held our annual Christmas party on December 19th, prior to the students returning home for the Christmas break.  God answered our prayers and supplied for our needs again this year.  He touched the heart of a family to pay for the dinner.  The special music program and a message from God`s Word were uplifting.  Then came the gifts…only they didn’t have to open them!!!!  The gifts consisted of 164 bicycles of all sizes for boys, girls and young people.  The Tarahumara children and young people were especially overjoyed.  Most of them had never owned a bicycle.  God touched the hearts of a family in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua to give these gifts.  They collected used bicycles and repaired them throughout the year to give as Christmas presents.  All of us here at the Baptist Educational Complex say a heartfelt THANK YOU to this family for making so many children and young people have a very happy Christmas.  We are also grateful to those of you who provided funds to bring them to Bocoyna.

The Grand Vision Baptist Church Christmas Sunday School program was December 22nd.  We had a big snowstorm two days before the program.  Roads were closed and some of the buses couldn’t run their routes.  Despite the adversity, God blessed us with 200 in attendance from the Bocoyna area.  Two people were saved.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with testimonies, Bible games, prayer and a message from God’s Word.  A time of fellowship and a potluck dinner followed.

The missions also had their programs.  The services were well attended.  They had piñatas and candy and handed out prizes for those with faithful attendance throughout the year.  In Panalachi six souls were saved and three children were saved in the Gethsemane Baptist Church in San Juanito.  Praise God!  Click here to see the pictures.

2014 Goals

December 2013 - The Grand Vision Baptist Church has various goals for 2014.  Please pray that the Lord will lead and guide us throughout the year.  Our goals are as follows:

  1. Open a new mission in La Junta, Chihuahua, as we mentioned in our previous letter.

  2. Graduate our current Bible Institute class.  Pray for two families that will be finishing their preparation in the Bible Institute soon, that God would open doors and lead them to their respective places of service.

  3. Reach more souls with the Gospel during the year through the Grand Vision Baptist Church and its missions.  Pray for Pastor Jose Martinez, teachers, workers and missionaries.