Faithful Christians

August 2012 -  About five months ago the Chavez family were saved and baptized. We had been inviting them to church for three or four years.  Since they have been saved they have been attending church faithfully and are growing spiritually. When they planted their corn crop this year, they set apart 10% of the land for their tithe. God blessed them, and every Sunday they bring their truck full of "roasting ears." Brother Chavez has also accepted a bus route on Sunday morning. Another member, Brother Guillermo Ruiz, brought his tithe in two burlap sacks. One with 2 chickens and the other full of fresh vegetables! We are thankful for these faithful Christians.

2012 News Feed

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2011 Year in Review & Prayer Requests for 2012

January, 2012 - This has been a year of trials and very difficult times, but we are thankful for God’s grace, protection, and power and for all the blessings that He has bestowed upon us.  I would like to share with you some of the blessings of in 2011.

  1. We saw 248 people come forward to receive Christ as their Savior and 106 were baptized.

  2. We graduated 8 students from the Bible Institute. Some started new works, and others work here in the church and school.

  3. We held our Youth Camp in June and 15 were saved, three came for baptism and five surrendered their lives to full-time service.

  4. We conducted a special missions trip to visit pastors and missionaries throughout Mexico in July.  Our vision on missions was revived, and we started our “Faith Promise Missions Plan” giving for local missionaries.

  5. Our church is now supporting four missionary families in Mexico.

  6. We enrolled 300 Indian children in our Christian Schools in the month of August, 95% of which have been saved. Praise God!

  7. The Zavala family moved to Panalachi to start a new work among the Tarahumara Indians in November.

  8. We organized the Iglesia Bautista Ciudad Cuauhtémoc (The Cuauhtémoc Baptist Church). The new pastor is Brother Oscar Maya.

  9. We held our annual Christmas party for all the students on December 15th.  The students were very excited about the gifts, dinner and bags of candy.

  10. The Christmas program was held on December 18. We had over 500 in attendance., five were saved and three came for baptism. Others dedicated their lives to the Lord.

We thank each of your for your support. God has great things planned for His work here in Mexico during 2012.  Please pray for us and especially pray for the following:

  1. That we may continue to win more souls to Christ.

  2. For the young people and married couples in the Bible Institute as they prepare to serve Him.

  3. For the growth of the mission in San Juanito, and that soon it can be organized into a church.  Pray for Pastor Angel Ochoa.

  4. For the starting of the new work in Cahuizori, Chihuahua.

  5. That God would open doors in other towns, cities and villages to begin new works.

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Need Supplied

January, 2012 -  For some time we have been praying for a large truck to haul wood and to use in the maintenance of the school. We are thankful that He has answered our prayers and supplied us with a 2002 model – like new! Praise the Lord!.

Crisis in the Tarahumara Mountains

January, 2012 - The social and economic crisis is rising drastically here in the mountains. Crime and violence are increasing every day. There have been many deaths, extortions and kidnappings, to the point that it has affected some of the members of the church. The local drought is severe! We have received very little rain in the region, and the Tarahumara Indians are suffering from lack of food and water.  They have not been able to raise corn, beans and vegetables. The mountain area has been declared a disaster zone. The insecurity and lack of food is not the principal problem. The larger issue is that spiritual insecurity and spiritual hunger prevail in every village and pueblo. We are thankful that God has called us to this place to take the glorious Gospel – to tell them of the security they can have in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to satisfy their spiritual hunger and thirst. John 6:35 “And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. ”

Prayer Requests

January, 2012 - The following are some critical needs.  Please add these to your prayer list.

  1. 1.The roads here in the mountains are very rocky and hard on our buses. All 3 buses need new tires. Pray that God will supply us with new tires.

  2. 2.We need to replace the 20-year old roof in our main auditorium. We need about 8,000 square feet of galvanized corrugated metal sheeting. Pray that God will supply us with the necessary materials.

  3. 3.We struggle each month to provide food for the 300 students, the faculty members and their families. Pray that God will lead our supporting Churches and individuals to provide additional support.

  4. 4.Pastor Jose Martinez recently underwent back surgery. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

Mission in Panalachi - Missionary Mario Zavala

January, 2012 - God has given us the privilege to take the Gospel to the Tarahumara Tribe in the village of Panalachi and surrounding areas. We moved here in November 2011, and we began visiting and inviting people to the services.  On December 25th we had a special service with 80 people attending. On December 31st we had 27 in attendance, and in January there was an average attendance of 25. A total of 8 people were saved. Thank you for your prayers. We are praying for a piece of land to build a larger building for the services. Remember us in your prayers. Click here to see the pictures.

February “MES DE AMOR” (“Month of Love”)

February 2012 - We organized an Evangelistic Campaign in the month of February to win souls for Christ. We planned a special service each of the four Sundays along the theme of Love. We taught about how Christ loves us, how we love Him, our love for each other and the special love for our families. The results were marvelous! We averaged 450 people each Sunday and had 198 first-time visitors, 19 of which accepted Christ as their Savior. A total of 32 were baptized on the last Sunday. Praise God! Click here to see the pictures.

New Ministry

February 2012 - In January we began a new ministry in the church. The laymen had expressed their desire to learn more about the Bible and how to win souls. We conduct classes two nights a week where they all study the Bible in depth.  These classes are taught by our local Bible School graduates. To date, we have regular participation from 3 married couples and two young people. Please pray for them that God will touch their heart in special ways.

More Blessings

February 2012 - We have been praying and trusting God to supply the need for food.  Hebrews 13:5 says, “…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”  Again He has been faithful in supplying our needs. Last week we were completely out of beans and corn flour for tortillas – our basic food.  A few days later, He supplied us with a ton and a half of tortilla flour, seven tons of beans, 11 sacks of flour, 16 sacks of rice and three sacks of sugar.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Also, we have been praying for a truck to use in the work here at the school. He has supplied this need also – a 2002 dump truck!  Truly, “The Lord hath done great things for us: whereof we are glad.”  Click here to see the pictures.

Getsemani Baptist Mission - Missionary Angel Ochoa

January, 2012 -  Our average attendance for January was 40. We had 4 saved. Pray for the construction of our new building. We are currently meeting in a small, 350 square foot building. We are building our new 2,200 square foot building.  The floor, walls and half of the roof structure are complete. We have a campaign to buy 44 sheets of tin for the roof. Each sheet costs about $40 US. The people that attend have purchased 11 sheets already. We are lacking 33 sheets to be able to finish the roof. Pray with us that soon we can buy the rest and finish the new facility. Click here to see the pictures.

New Young Adult Class Started by Brother Adriel Martinez

March 2012 - Before March 25th, 2012, young men age 14 through 20 that came to the church from the towns and villages around Bocoyna, attended the adult Sunday school class. I observed them and God spoke to my heart about starting a special class for them.

On March 25th, I began the class for this special age group. We had 16 in attendance the first Sunday.  They are now inviting others to come and each has promised to attend faithfully. Many of them have never attended a Sunday school class or a Church where the Bible is taught. Pray for them and pray that we will be able to win many to the Lord.

Missionary Vision

March 2012 -  Our church is moving forward with its missionary vision. We are faithfully taking the Gospel to the Tarahumara tribe and spreading God’s word in the rural areas across this immense mountain range.  Some areas are nearly impossible to reach, however, God has led us take the Gospel to places where His name has never been heard.  Our vision is not only with the Tarahumara, but also with the other 60 indigenous tribes of Mexico. We are thankful to the Lord that we have four of them within our reach – the Pima, the Guarijio, the Tepehuane and the Tarahumara. Many people of these tribes have accepted Christ as their personal savior, but we know that to grow, we need to establish churches among each tribe. We ask each of you to pray as we contemplate a new work among the Pima tribe. God is opening doors in the community of Kipor, Sonora Mexico. Kipor is the center of this tribe. We are willing to “descend into these mines” of precious souls, but we need your help and support to “hold the rope.” Pray that God will supply this need.

Missions Update

April 2012 -    Our church is faithful in giving to missions. We are supporting four different missionaries plus our Baptist Educational Complex, which is the multicultural center of different ethnic groups. The missionaries we support are: Brother Ruben Gutierrez, missionary to the Tepehuan tribe in Durango, Brother Osvaldo Ruvalcaba, missionary to the Coras and Huicholes in Nayarit, Brother Everardo Andrade, missionary to the Tepehuanes in Acaponeta, Nayarit, and Brother Mario Zavala, missionary to the Tarahumaras in Panalachi, Chihuahua. In the future, we want to support Brother Sergio Vargas, a missionary working with the Kiliguas in Baja California, as well as missionaries in other countries.  We also have a project to begin a new work among the Pima Tribe in Kipor, Sonora. God has wonderfully supplied the funds to buy land and build a building there. Please continue to pray that God bless our missionary families and that He supplies the necessary funds to further His work here in the region.

Missions Funding

April 2012 -   God keeps opening the windows of heaven and pouring out His blessings. We are grateful for the way He has provided for our local missions. He has provided the funds to finish the auditorium in the mission, “Huerto del Getsemaní” (Gethsemane Baptist Mission) in San Juanito, Chihuahua, and also to buy the land and pay for the construction of the building in Panalachi, Chihuahua.

San Juanito Mission Progress

May 2012 - The new roof for the mission in San Juanito is progressing and is almost finished. The construction will soon be complete. We are thankful that God has provided the material for this mission. Pray for the Zavala and the González families. They are still lacking personal monthly support. Our vision is to begin churches in the other Mexican towns and villages in addition to starting new missions among the different Indian tribes. Pray that God may open doors in other states of the Republic of Mexico.

Missionary Family is Going to Kipor to Work With the Pimas

May 2012 -  Our church is awakening to the need to start more missions. We thank the Lord that in July the Grand Vision Baptist Church will be sending Brother Bonifacio González and his family as missionaries to the Tribe of the Pimas in the town of Kipor, municipality of Yécora, Sonora. Brother Bonifacio and his wife, Adriana, have worked here at the Complex for many years, and now the Lord is leading them to begin a new work among the Pimas. Pray for them as they make preparations to depart for their calling.

Eleven Young People Committed to Full-Time Service

May 2012 -  On the 15th  and 16th  of May we had special services for young people with an emphasis on missions. Pastors and missionaries from the area brought the messages. God blessed us greatly! We witnessed five girls and six boys surrender their lives to preach the Gospel. They will be entering the Bible Institute in September.  Seven of them are from the Tarahumara Tribe. Others re-dedicated their lives to the Lord. Pray that their decisions will be firm.

Adriel Martinez wins the “Copa Maxima”

June 2012 -  During graduation, we always present the “Copa Maxima,” our highest honor in the areas of academic, physical education and spiritual life. This year it went to Adriel Martinez one of our five Bible School graduates. He also serves as the principal for our Christian schools and serves as a full-time worker in the church. This year, in his year of service, he will continue to work in the church and school. In the future, he plans to go to the southern part of Mexico to begin a church.

Class of 2012 Graduated

June 2012 - June 22nd was graduation for our schools, including the Bible Institute. We had a total of 40 graduates; one from kindergarten, twelve from elementary, thirteen from junior high, nine from high school and five from the Bible Institute.

Five Bible School Students Graduate

June 2012 -  Five students graduated from our Bible Institute this year.  Adriel Martinez has a vision for being a missionary in the southern part of Mexico.  Eliezer Martinez has surrendered his life to go to the Yakis Indian Tribe in the state of Sonora, Mexico.  Angelica Zavala, along with her husband Mario, have started a new mission in Panalachi.  Norma Salmeron and Brenda Hernandez, will be working here in the school and the church for the time being.  Please keep our Bible School graduates in your prayers, that the Lord may guide them and bless them.

Youth Camp - Decision 2012

July 2012 -   The highlight of the month was our annual Youth Camp. The theme this year was "Decision 2012." We had 150 campers; 25 were saved, 10 made a decision to be baptized, and 15 surrendered their lives to serve the Lord. We had special services in the mornings and evenings and held sporting events during the afternoon. Thursday night the drama "The Judgment" was presented by the Bible School students. My husband wrote this very impactful drama 30 years ago. It has been the means for many being saved, and many young people have surrendered their lives to serve the Lord as a result.  Click here to see the pictures.

Missionary Trip to Panalachi

July 2012 -   I had the privilege to go on a missionary trip to our new mission in Panalachi with the Cuauhtémoc Baptist Church and Pastor Oscar Maya during the last week of July. About 30 people from the church traveled to the mission to help Missionary Mario Zavala and his family with their new work. We took food and supplies to assist the Zavalas. We prepared meals and had some time of fellowship in the two small cabins where they live and have services. Thursday night they held a special service. Brother Maya preached, and 30 Tarahumaras came to hear the Gospel. Continue to pray for the work and that many will come to know Christ as their Savior.  Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor Mission Update

August 2012 -   The last of July brother Bonifacio and family moved to Kipor, Sonora (a 4 hour drive from here) to begin a work among the Pima Indians. God has blessed them tremendously. They are meeting in a building at the sawmill, and have had an average attendance of around 100. The people have received them with open arms. Adriana is helping to start a high school in the village. This has been an open door to reach the people. They have donated land to build a church building. Pray for them that God would supply the support they need for the work and give them protection from all dangers.

Back to School

August 2012 -   Classes began on August 15th for our high school, middle school, and elementary schools. We have a total of 240 enrolled this year. They came from all over the mountain area - some as far away as a 2 or 3-day journey. 90% are Indian, with the majority being Tarahumara. Also represented are Pimas and Guarijios. Some are second-generation students - their father or mother was here 15 years ago. Many are new students. Pray with us that as the seed is sown in their hearts, that it will bear fruit, that they will be saved and baptized, then return to their villages and communities to take the gospel to their people. Pray for the 23 dedicated teachers that work faithfully in the school.  Click here to see the pictures.

Drought Relief

August 2012 -  For several years we have had a terrible drought, and we have been praying for rain. God literally opened the windows of heaven and sent rain in abundance. As we say in Mexico, "Gracias a Dios" (Thanks to God). The farmers have had good crops of beans, corn and vegetables. We know many of you continue to suffer through drought in your areas. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well.

New Mission in Kipor

September 2012 - God is blessing the Baptist Temple in Kipor, Sonora. In September the attendance averaged 120 and 12 were saved. The plans for the construction are completed and they are working on the first building. Last week Pastor Jose and three men from the church went to Kipor to visit the mission. Things here in Mexico continue to be very dangerous. Upon returning home to Bocoyna they experienced some personal safety incidents, but thanks to the Lord's protection, no harm was done. They were praying and claiming God's promise found in Psalm 34:7. " The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." Pray for Brother Bonifacio, His wife Adriana and their children Pablo and Rocio. Click here to see the pictures.

Bible Institute Update

September 2012 - The month began with the opening of our Bible Institute. Twenty-two students are preparing to serve the Lord as pastors, missionaries and Christian workers. Nine are in their first year. It has been a few years since we’ve been able to hold a class in First Aid. We are thankful that a doctor, who is a member of the church, offered to teach this class. It is a real blessing to all the teachers and students. Please pray for the students that they will faithfully finish their preparation and soon go out to take the Gospel to those that have never heard of His Word. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Conference

September 2012 - Our Faith Promise Missions Conference was held during the third week of September. Each speaker’s message was about the need to take the Gospel "unto the uttermost part of the earth." The choir and various other groups presented special music. Sunday, Faith Promises were made for the coming year to give faithfully to support our missionaries.  Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update

October 2012 -  God continues to bless the missions of the church.  Brother Angel in San Juanito is making great progress finishing the new church facility. Brother Mario Zavala is advancing on the construction of the missionary home. The Zavalas currently live in a very small, borrowed home. It is not in very good condition and it is urgent that we finish the construction for him and his family before winter settles in. The house will also be used for services until he can build the church building.  Click here to see the pictures.

Kipor Mission

October 2012 -  The mission in Kipor, Sonora is going through some difficult times right now and need your prayers. Satan always tries to interfere with God's Work. In spite of the opposition, our people remain faithful.

Louis E. Kahler Avenue

October 2012 -   Sunday, October 14th  was a very special occasion for the Grand Vision Baptist Church. The local municipality recently named the street that goes from the principal highway to our facilities in honor of my husband – LOUIS E. KAHLER AVE. After church everyone gathered outside to see the name written on the street corner.  Click here to see the pictures.

Bible Institute Update

October 2012 -  October 22 - 26 is the week when pastors come from different areas to teach in the Bible Institute. We allocate one week each semester for this purpose. Pastor Oscar Maya from Cuauhtémoc, Missionary Mario Zavala from Panalachi and Pastor Jose Martinez from Bocoyna were the special teachers. We appreciate them dedicating their time to help prepare future servants of the Lord.  Click here to see the pictures.

Special Blessing

October 2012 -  Another blessing was received in October. A beautiful piano was donated to the church. We have been praying for one. We have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. To HIM BE ALL THE HONOR AND GLORY.

A Thriving Church

November 2012 - The Grand Vision Baptist Church here in Bocoyna is doing well. We have first-time visitors every Sunday and the Lord continues to bless us in many ways. Average attendance during November was 350. We saw 12 souls saved during the month of November and six followed the Lord in baptism. Click here to see the pictures.

Missions Update - San Juanito

November 2012 - God has helped us advance the construction of our auditorium. All the windows are in, and half of the walls are complete. Most of the floor has been poured inside and we have bought the materials needed for the baptistry and altar. There are three people awaiting baptism. A young married man surrendered to serve the Lord and is helping in the construction. More adults are becoming more active in the church.  Click here to see the pictures.

The Christmas Season

November 2012 -  The school Christmas dinner is December 14th . All of the students leave for the Christmas vacation the next day and return on January 7th. Pray for them that they will be a testimony to their family and friends. The church Christmas program will be presented the morning of December 23rd. In the afternoon a group will be going to the mission in Panalachi with Brother Mario and family for their program.  We want to wish each of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

November is Special

November 2012 -  November has always been a special month for me. I was born on November 2nd - eighty years ago! I am thankful for my two births; the first in 1932 and my spiritual birth in October 1948. I surrendered my life to serve the Lord in September 1950. I am thankful for good health to continue in His service.

Missions Update

December 2012 - After church on the 23rd, a busload plus 3 cars made our way to Panalachi for their program. One hundred-sixty Tarahumaras attended the cold, outdoor service. They all listened attentively to the children of the mission, who presented their program of songs and recitations, and to Pastor Martinez, who shared the first message they have heard about the true meaning of Christmas. San Juanito had a good attendance of 90 with 20 first-time visitors. Pastor Ochoa is happy that the Lord supplied them with a piano. The mission in Kipor goes forward. Souls are being saved. Pray especially for the protection of brother Bonifacio and family.  Click here to see the pictures.

Christmas Celebrations

December 2012 - We celebrated our special Christmas party on December 14th before the students went home on their holiday break. Our celebration included a delicious dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, a program of special music, gifts and a message from God's Word. God wonderfully supplied for all the needs. A special THANK YOU for all who helped financially in making this possible. God Bless You!   The church performed a Christmas program on December 23rd. The 400 seat auditorium was filled to capacity. All of the Sunday School classes participated in the program with different numbers, a drama and a message. Click here to see the pictures.

Elementary School

December 2012 - We have been forced to close our elementary school (grades 1-6) because of a series of requirements and regulations enforced by the Mexican government. These new rules go against our Biblical convictions. We deeply regret this decision, but we believe it is what God would have us do. We will continue with middle school (grades 7-9), and high school (grades 10-12) and the Bible School. Many of the children that live close will continue coming to Sunday School. Pray for them.

Eleazar Martinez

December 2012 - Eleazar is the son of pastor Martinez and a 2011 graduate of our Bible School. He has been putting in his year of service with missionary Oswaldo Ruvalcaba and family in Ruiz, Nayarit. He is getting first- hand experience in preparing to be a missionary. We were glad to have him home for Christmas vacation. Below he shares his testimony:

"It has been a great blessing to work with the Ruvalcaba family. I have been working with the Cora and Huichol Indian Tribes there. God has blessed and I have seen around 30 souls saved. Also, I teach in the Bible School, and I am in charge of a mission of the church in a rural area. I have learned a lot with the practical experience of missionary work. In the future I plan to go to the Yakis Tribe in the state of Sonora when God opens the door. Pray for me". Eleazar.