Day of the Children

May 1, 2011 - Sunday, the first of May was “Day of the Children”.  We had quite a turn-out.  What a great blessing to see God touch the hearts of so many children.  During the services, three people were led to Christ and one person dedicated their life to full-time service. Click here to see the pictures.

Rev. Dr. Louis E. Kahler is Laid to Rest in Cuauhtemoc

March 26, 2011 - It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of my dear husband, Rev., Dr. Louis Edwin Kahler, last Thursday, March 24, 2011, at 10:30 PM local time.  His sudden passing was a surprise, one that none of us could prepare for.

It was always my husband’s desire to be buried in Mexico where God called us to serve. As such the funeral service was conducted yesterday, March 26th at the Morales Funeral Home in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico, by our local pastor, Bro. Jose Martinez.  Although the service was conducted in the largest facility possible, the auditorium was standing room only, the crowd spilled over into the adjacent rooms, down the stairway and onto the street.  Multiple testimonies by past graduates, workers and now current pastors and missionaries were heard.  A continual theme was the appreciation each had for the sacrifice he made to Mexico and to them individually.  He was truly loved, respected, admired and appreciated.  He was buried later the same day at the local cemetery in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc. - Mrs. Joan Kahler

2011 News Feed

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The Work Continues in Mexico

March 30, 2011 - Our work here will continue!  I intend to stay in Bocoyna to carry on God’s work.  I committed my life to serve the Lord in Mexico and intend to keep my commitment to Him, the people of Mexico and the countless number of people here the Baptist Education Complex.  My husband and I are profoundly thankful to God for blessing us with such a great group of individuals that are helping us here with the Work.  We are also eternally grateful to all of our supporting churches for all the help each of you have provided us throughout the 50+ years of our ministry.  Although many souls have been saved and we have received many blessings, there is so much yet to do.  As my husband always said, “Tienen que saber” (“They all must know”). - Mrs. Joan Kahler

The Martinez Wedding

April 22, 2011 - Mr, Eber Martinez and Ms. Victoria Rodriguez became husband and wife today in a ceremony attended by over 500 people.  The traditional ceremony was attended by visitors from Cuauhtemoc City, Chihuahua City, Torreon, local students from the Complex and from the local towns.  The ceremony took place in the main auditorium and was followed by a reception in the adjacent dining hall.  Both Eber and Victoria are graduates from the Bible College and have dedicated their lives to full-time service.  Click here to see the pictures.

Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011 - Sunday, the 8th of May was “Mother’s Day”.  We had a great service with a total attendance of 689, including our surrounding missions.  Among those attending, we had 160 mothers, 51 of which were from our surrounding indigenous tribes.  A total of 14 people accepted Christ as their personal Lord & Savior and eight more came forward for consecration.. Click here to see the pictures.

May Newsletter

May 5, 2011 - The May newsletter was sent out on May 5th.  The content of the newsletter included a letter written by Rev. Dr. Louis E. Kahler detailing work done during the year prior to his passing. Click here to read or download the newsletter.

May Picnic

May 29, 2011 - Sunday was a special day at Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna.  The service consisted of special hymns, special music and a special sermon. Brother Jose preached on the value of prayer and how we should pray.  We had 630 people in attendance, baptized four people, four more came forward for salvation, two more came forward for baptism and 36 came forward for consecration.   Following the service, we held our annual Spring picnic on the grounds. We had a special devotional followed by a great meal and sports (football).  Click here to see the pictures.

Father’s Day

June 19th, 2011 - Fathers were recognized during our Sunday service at Grand Vision Baptist Church.  Thirty-six fathers were in attendance.  The special recognition included the “wisest” father (Brother Linio, 79 years old), the one with the most family in attendance (Brother Zavala with 6 family members) and the most faithful (Brother Cruz).  A special program was planned including special hymns, special choir and group music and Brother Jose preached a special sermon on the importance of fathers in the family.  We had 402 people in attendance at the main church, 64 at the mission in Cuauhtemoc and 13 at the mission in San Juanito.  Two people came forward for Salvation.  Click here to see the pictures.

Graduation Day

June 24th, 2011 - Graduation day was Friday, June 24th at the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico. Eight individuals who surrendered their life to serve God completed their studies and will now move on to serve God full time.  Norayama Bustillos Ochoa received “La Copa Maxima”. The trophy is awarded to the Bible student with the best overall combined academic, physical and spiritual score.  Her overall score was 9.49, just half of a point away from a perfect 10.  In addition to the eight bible school students, we also graduated thirteen students from our Elementary School, twenty one students from our Secondary School (7th through 9th) and seven from our Preparatory School. Click here to read the Bible Institute student testimonies and click here to see the graduation pictures.

Missionary Trip

July, 2011 - July was a very special missionary month for the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico.   Pastor Jose Martinez and his family made an extensive missionary trip covering ten states in Mexico. They visited four missionary families that work with different tribes as well as six established pastors. Click here to read his trip report and to see the pictures of his trip.

Youth Camp 2011

August, 2011 -  August 1st  through the 5th  we had our first youth camp here on the campus of the Baptist Educational Complex.  The theme was “Valientes por Cristo” (“Be brave for Christ”). Over one hundred young people attended. They came from many of the major cities in the state of Chihuahua as well as from the states of Sinaloa, Michoacán, Baja California and Durango. The camp speaker was Brother Ruben Gutierrez, Missionary to the Tepehuan Indian Tribe in Mexquital, Durango. His wife, Betty, and two daughters, along with five Tepehuan young people accompanied him. There was preaching each night and other activities during the day. A total of 15 were saved, three came forward for baptism and five surrendered their lives to full-time service. Click here to see the pictures.

The 2011/2012 School Year Begins

August, 2011 - Classes began September 5th with 315 students registered. The enrollment includes kindergarten, elementary school, high school and the Bible Institute. The dormitories are full! This year, the enrollment is 90% from the Indian Tribes, the major part are Tarahumara. Altogether, with teachers and their families, there are 365 eating inthe dining room. Pray that God will supply for the added expenses for this new school year. Classes also began in the Bible Institute with an enrollment of 27. All are from the Grand Vision Baptist Church.  They also need your prayers to be faithful in preparing for the ministry. Click here to see the pictures.

New Missions Started

August, 2011 - Our church now supports Independent Fundamental Baptist Mexican Missionaries that work with different tribes inMexico. The church also supports the Educational Complex. Before the end of the year, we will be starting a new mission” among the Tarahumara Indians in the town of Panalachi. The total population is 5,000, including the surrounding villages. Brother Mario Quiroz and wife, Angelica, 2011 graduates of the Bible Institute, will be moving there to begin the new work. Pray for them as they begin this new mission. We will be organizing the Mission in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc as a church. Pray for them, their pastor and family. Click here to see the pictures.

New Sunday School & Visitation Programs

December, 2011 - We have made some organizational changes in our Sunday School and visitation programs which have resulted in tremendous growth. Our visitation program has seen the most impact. We have organized an evangelistic team that is visiting in the mountains where the Tarahumara Indians live. We have had almost 50 new visitors in the two weeks since the changes were made. The seed has been sown in the hearts of many. Pray that they will accept Christ as their personal Savior. Click here to see the pictures.

New Missionary Home

September, 2011 - During the last week of September and the first week of October, the pastor, Bible School students, teachers and laymen from the church and two missions made a trip to Mezquital, Durango to build a house for missionary Ruben Gutierrez and his family. The new house is now complete.  Please pray that the Lord continue to bless the Gutierrez family and that he strengthen them as they carry on His work. Click here to see the pictures.

New Missionary Family

October, 2011 - The Zavala family, missionaries to the Tarahumara, will be moving to the field this week to begin the work in Panalachi, Chihuahua. They have been conducting visitation there for a while and have already led souls to Christ. Please keep them in your prayers. Click here to see the pictures.

New Church Organized in Cuauhtemoc

December, 2011 - On December 4th , the mission in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, The Cuauhtémoc Baptist Temple, was organized as an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. The service was fantastic! We had around 200 in attendance. The new church has called Brother Oscar Maya Coronado as its pastor. Pray for Brother Maya and the members as they go forth to win souls for Christ in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc.  Click here to see the pictures.

Visit to the Church in Torreon

November, 2011 - We were also blessed that God permitted me and Pastor Jose Martinez to visit the Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Torreon, Coahuila. The pastor invited Pastor Martinez to preach and to present the work of the Baptist Educational Complex here in Bocoyna. It was a blessing to see the work there and to hear how God is blessing the church. Click here to see the pictures.