5. The Rosas Family

In the same region, we visited Pastor Joaquin Rosas and family in the Bible Baptist Church of Tloquepaque, Jalisco. Souls are being saved and the church is growing.

2011 Missionary Visit

6. The Hernandez Family

On July 7th, we visited the Good Shepherd Baptist Church where Brother Pedro Hernandez is the pastor. Sister Bonny Wilson, a missionary (wife of Missionary Ray Wilson, now deceased), is very active working there in the church. God continues to bless this work of approximately 30 years.

5. The Monreal Family

July 6th, we were in Zapopan, Jalisco with Pastor Juan Monreal and the Maranatha Baptist Church. They have worked faithfully there for ten years.  Please keep them in your prayers.

4. The Rubalcava Family

The same day, we visited Missionary Osvaldo Rubalcava and family in Ruiz, Nayarit. They are working with the Cora and Hichol Tribes. The church is Nayor Bible Baptist Church. They have their own Bible Institute to prepare Indian workers to return to their villages to preach the Word of God and establish churches.

2. The Andrade Family

On July 5th, we were with Missionary Everado Andrade and his family. They are working with the Tepehuan Tribe in Acaponeta, Nayarit. Brother Everado and family have been faithful for 12 years working in Acaponeta. The church is the Elim Baptist Church, and the average attendance is about 35. They are building a new church building that will seat 100.  Our church will be sending them monthly support. Please pray for them.

1. The Gutierrez Family

The fourth of July, God permitted us to visit with Brother Ruben Gutierrez, his wife Betty and his family.  We were able to see the work among the Tepehuan Tribe at the Horeb Baptist Church in Mezquital, Durango. Brother Ruben’s ministries include a children’s home, a Christian School and a Bible Institute. There are 30 children and young people in the Christian School. We saw the many needs that they have.  One special need is a place for Brother Ruben and his family to live.  Our church has decided to support them monthly. The men of the church will be going next month to build them a home.

7. The Navarro Family

Our last missionary we visited was Brother Juan Navarro, who is working with the Nahualt Tribe in Coxcatlan, San Luis, Potosi.

8. The Castellanos Family

Our last visit was to Pastor Luis Raul Castellanos who has an active church in Torreon, Coahuila. Brother Luis is pastor of the Mt. Horeb Baptist Church and Director of the Bible Institute of the same church.

July 2011 was a very special missionary month for the Grand Vision Baptist Church.   Pastor Jose Martinez and his family made an extensive missionary trip covering ten states in Mexico. They visited four missionary families and six established pastors.