Prayer List

We have shared with many of you the numerous prayers that God has answered. We have complete faith that God listens and answers our prayers, but first we must ask. Please add the following to your prayer lists.


  • Pray for the missions of the church. God is blessing them greatly. The constructions are advancing and the members are faithfully witnessing and teaching God’s Word.
  • Pray for the construction of the church building in Panalachi. The people are working hard, and they have almost completed the second phase.
  • Pray for the construction of the Sunday school classroom and two other rooms in the Natahuachi mission.
  • Pray for September enrollment of our Bible Institute, high school and middle school.
  • Continue praying for our protection. Organized crime is getting worse.


  • We are rejoicing over an answered prayer. Six young ladies surrendered their lives to serve the Lord full-time.
  • Brother Mario in Panalachi is thankful for a special offering he received for the construction of the church building.
  • Brother Eliezer and the members in Natahuachi are thankful that they now have electricity in the church building.
  • Mrs. Kahler’s health is back to normal. God has answered our prayers and has blessed Mrs. Kahler with her good health once again.
  • Baby Santiago, who was diagnosed with a heart condition, is better. Keep him in your prayers.
  • God has answered our prayer request for the members of GVBC. We have had good attendance during the month of May and have seen Christian growth in their lives.
  • God blessed us by providing additional funding for the construction of the church building for the mission in Natahuachi. The walls are up! This month they will add the roof and in June pour the floor.
  • The newborn son of Brother Adriel and Jackie Martinez (teachers and full time workers) was born with a heart condition. They are taking him to Chihuahua for treatment, and we are grateful to God that he is better. Keep Santiago in your prayers.
  • We praise the Lord for supplying food for the cafeteria, Maseca for tortillas and for supplying construction materials for the mission in Natahuachi.
  • God supplied funds to buy two new word-burning water heaters for the dormitories. They are installed and working!
  • We are thankful for a new Bible Institute student. Luis Homobono is from the Otomi Indian Tribe. He is a member of the Horeb Baptist Church located in Santa Maria del Monte near Toluca, Mexico. Pray for Luis as he prepares to serve the Lord.
  • God is supplying the materials to start building a new mission in Netahuachi. Brother Eleizar Martinez is in charge. Some men of the church in Bocoyna will be going to help build.
  • A special thanks to a church member in Grand Vision Baptist Church that provided funds to buy paint to paint the auditorium and to buy new curtains.
  • God wonderfully supplied the needs for food and gas for the kitchen to begin the new semester.
  • The church people gave sacrificially to remodel the two bathrooms in the church.
  • Brother Bonifacio’s health is improving and he is recovering from his accident and he is now able to sit in a wheelchair.
  • God has supplied the funding to purchase ALL of the six tires for one of our buses.
  • God has supplied the funding for food and the added expenses for the opening of the new school year.
  • Last July we identified the need to replace some of the aging mattresses in our dormitories. Many of you responded. We are happy to report that 50 mattresses were delivered in November, and they are now installed in our dormitories. There are many happy students now sleeping on more comfortable and clean beds. Thank you for supporting this great cause.
  • The Mexican government notified us in October 2014 that two of our buses and one of our utility trucks were not properly nationalized. They required us to be compliant by the end of October. The Lord answered our prayer, the funds necessary to register our vehicles properly were raised, and the registrations secured.
  • God has supplied enough funds to replace more than the original number of mattresses that need urgent replacement. The mattresses are not a standard size so we had to place an order for custom manufacturing.
  • God has supplied the money for the 3,000 sq. feet of tin roofing for one of the buildings and for tires for two of our vehicles.
  • Our water well pump went out and we were without water for four days. God wonderfully supplied the money to pay for a new pump for the well that went out.
  • We are thankful that God has supplied gifts for the students for the Christmas Party. The family of one of the workers here donated 100 bicycles and other gifts. May God richly bless them.
  • We have been praying for Bibles. We are thankful for the 650 Bibles that were donated.
  • God supplied the money to purchase the 150 mattresses for our student dormitories.