October 2018

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We greet you with continued heavy hearts following the passing of our beloved Christian family members and workers here at the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna, Mexico.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial assistance to help pay for the hospital and funeral expenses for those that were impacted by this tragedy. We are also grateful to Pastor Nathaniel Jaramillo and the Tower Road Baptist Church in Albuquerque (our sending church) who have helped us raise and provided extra financial assistance during this time of need. Thank you also to the many pastors and friends around the country for your generous offerings. May God bless you all abundantly for your generosity and dedication!.

We are thankful to the Lord for strength and wisdom to handle all the circumstances. It is hard sometimes to understand God`s ways, and we know that His ways are perfect and ours are not. He knows “best.” He will use all things in our life for good and for His eternal purposes. Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

After the automobile accident on October 4th, the bodies of the deceased were brought to Bocoyna for burial. The funerals were the held on October 6th and 7th at the Grand Vision Baptist Church. It was estimated that more than 600 people attended. People came from Bocoyna, the missions in Panalachi, Natahuachi, and La Junta, and the church bus routes in San Juanito, Creel, Sisoguichi. Graduates from the Bible Institute, Pastors and friends came from all over Mexico. Various pastors participated in the service.

Brother Eliezer Martinez, son of Pastor and Mrs. Martinez, was buried in the Bocoyna cemetery on Sunday afternoon. The bodies of Sister Angelica, wife of Missionary Mario Zavala, and their daughter Abigail, were taken to Sisoguishi for burial. They were buried side-by-side. Hundreds of people attended both funerals. Six people accepted Christ in the service, mostly members of the Martinez family. The mother and father of Alvo, the young man that was injured in the accident, were also saved. Brother Mario’s son, Emanuel, will be dismissed from the hospital next week. Aldo and Brother Mario’s other son Israel are still in the hospital. Different people from here are staying with them in the hospital until they recover. Please pray for Brother Mario and his family.

The Grand Vision Baptist church and missions continue. Missionaries Carlos and Belem Madrigal, missionaries on deputation going to Japan, have taken time out to help with the classes in the Christian School and the Bible Institute. Various workers are taking care of the services in Panalachi and Natahuachi. Everyone has been so faithful and willing to help in any way they can.


The following is a list of our current prayer requests:

  • Pray especially for Missionary Mario Zavala, for his emotional and physical health. It is hard losing his wife, Angelica, of 27 years and daughter Abigail. Pray for the three boys, Isaiah, Emanuel and Aldo, the young man from the mission in Panalachi.
  • Pray for the people in the mission in Natahuachi, that they will continue faithfuly serving the Lord. The third anniversary of the mission is on the 30th of November.
  • Pray for Pastor Jose and wife, Josefa, and the Grand Vision Baptist Church in Bocoyna. That the people will be faithful and that souls will be saved.
  • Pray for Brother Luis Carlos and Candi and the Eben-Ezer Baptist Mission in La Junta. God is blessing the mission. Twelve were saved in the month of October.

We deeply appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support. Please continue to keep God’s work here in Mexico in your prayers.

Sincerely in Him,

Mrs. Joan Kahler
Missionary to Mexico

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” Isaiah 55:8,9


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